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What are the best e-liquids? Full reviews of all the top brands and flavors!

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E-Liquid ReviewsThis page is designed to help you find the best e-liquid to suit your taste while insuring that you are dealing with a reputable company and a quality brand.

All the e-liquid reviews on this page are based on my own personal experience and I have enjoyed each and every one.

When it comes to electronic cigarettes, whether it’s the old cigalikes, the ego style, or mods and sub-ohm vaping, the apparatus itself is the foundation upon which the e-liquid stands.

Best E-LiquidOnce you’ve chosen your device and you’re happy with it, it becomes all about finding the best flavors. I don’t know about you, but I like to have a variety on hand as my tastes are always evolving.

I am constantly trying new flavors and I like to sample a cross-section from several different companies to truly find the best tastes and mixes.

I will update this page whenever I come across something new that I feel is worthy of being included here.

Being supremely subjective, as it involves taste, I would encourage you to sample as many as you can to find the ones that truly fit with your particular palate.

E-Liquid Reviews

The e-liquids I have listed and reviewed here below are my personal favorites. I’m sure after sampling some of them, they will be yours too. Feel free to recommend your favorites in the comment section below!

White Cloud Premium E-Liquid Review

Finding, Testing and Reviewing the Best E-Liquid! White Cloud E-Liquid ReviewWhite Cloud is another well known US based e-liquid manufacturer.

All their ingredients are pharmaceutical grade other than the actual flavorings which are all high quality and food grade.

I have enjoyed their flavors in both the disposables and the cigalikes, but in a mod or an ego style vape, the flavors do come through with a little more kick.

Tobacco flavors are hard to get right and I’ve tried dozens that were disappointing to say the least. Not so with White Cloud!

Finding, Testing and Reviewing the Best E-Liquid! White Cloud E-Liquid ReviewTheir Regular Tobacco flavor is rich, smoky and complex almost like they’ve found a way to slightly improve on the actual tobacco flavor itself. There’s a slight hint of sweetness to it that rounds the flavor off nicely.

I’ve also been enjoying the Zero-K flavor which is a cool minty vape but with subtle fruity notes in the background.

For super heavy smokers, White Cloud is a great choice especially in the beginning not only for the authenticity of the flavors, but also because they offer more nicotine selection than any other e-juice manufacturer.

You can choose nicotine levels of anywhere from 0-5.4% (0-54 mg/ml) in 20 different flavors. The come very nicely packaged too in little magnetic lid boxes, shown below.

Finding, Testing and Reviewing the Best E-Liquid! White Cloud E-Liquid Review

The other nice thing about White Cloud is that they are always improving and introducing new and flavors to choose from.

I just started on a bottle of Bora Bora and WOW! It’s a lip-smacking blend of spicy tobacco with some light fruit notes.

It satisfies the desire for smoke while being slightly refreshing at the same time. Quite delicious. Definitely worth trying. You can use the link below to take a closer look at their selection for yourself.

Check out White Clouds E-Liquid Selection here!

Vapor4Life‘s E-Liquid Lineup Review

Finding the Best E-Liquid for 2020! -Top Brands & Flavors ReviewedI first encountered Vapor4Life’s e-liquid back in late 2014 when I first used their Vapor Zeus E-Cigar.

At that time their Wow Vapor brand was all they had as far as I’m aware but it was fantastic.

In those days, higher PG juices were the most popular and for ego style e-cigs and above-ohm vaping it is still the best.

For anyone still using either refillable cartridges or ego style devices, the Wow Vapor line is certainly one to check out.

I really enjoyed the “Wowboy” blend which is a tobacco with a hint of dark chocolate. Even with the Vapor Zeus I was going through a bottle every couple of weeks. Awesome stuff.

Finding the Best E-Liquid for 2020! -Top Brands & Flavors Reviewed

As things progressed and sub-ohm vaping began to be more popular, higher VG juices became the main focus for many including myself.

From there, I started experimenting with the Ultimo line which is higher VG and perfect for those “big clouds”.

Finding the Best E-Liquid for 2020! -Top Brands & Flavors ReviewedI really enjoy the Rough Rider Red another tobacco flavor reminiscent of a Marlboro Red.

For me, it’s been so long since I’ve actually smoked that my comparison is from distant memory so take that with a grain of salt. It does taste rather authentic to me though.

I also really like the “Georgia On My Tea” which is a smooth, sweet iced tea blend. I find it to be a very nice mid afternoon vape.

It’s just a little too sweet for me early in the morning when I prefer a light fruit or tobacco blend.

More recently, Vapor4Life has added to their collection by including some of the most well known brands on the market right now such as: Beard Vape Co., Cosmic Fog, Cuttwood, Mad Hatter, Ruthless and Space Jam. I noticed recently that they even started carrying authentic CBD oil.

If you have a sweet-tooth, check out the latest flavors from Mad Hatter: The I Love Candy Series.

It’s a very recent introduction, but it’s some of the best, sweetest, lips smackingly good e-liquid I have ever tried.

I recently tried The Watermelon Candy, The Blue Raspberry and The Rainbow.

There are all fantastic, but my personal favorite is The Blue Raspberry.

It kinda reminds me of blue flavored Popsicles from when I was a kit. It’s light and sweet and a very tasty vape.

The Rainbow Candy reminds me of Skittles and the flavor is a very close approximation to the actual candy.

The Watermelon speaks for itself, but it’s quite rare to find a watermelon that is actually good. I love watermelon, and I’ve tried dozens of watermelon flavors and never really like any of them until the Watermelon Candy from Mad Hatter.

It’s quite authentic in the watermelon flavor, with a nice added sweetness. Another very light and tasty vape.

The series comes in a 70/30 VG/PG ratio, so it’s great with sub-ohm atomizers and definitely cloud-producing. The vapor is quite thick and the flavor stays good all the way through the exhale.

Definitely worth trying, especially if you like candy and sweeter e-liquid. It’s not overpowering in any way, but is sweet enough to satisfy my late night sweet-tooth, and keep me smoke free at the same time.

As I mentioned earlier, once you get “vape fever” and you give up smoking altogether and start vaping full-time instead, the next thing is the e-liquid you vape on a daily basis.

I know for myself I never get tired of trying new flavors because what is good today isn’t always the preferred flavor tomorrow as moods change etc.

Finding the Best E-Liquid for 2020! -Top Brands & Flavors Reviewed

With the amount of options Vapor4Life has available, it’ll be a while before I run out of new flavors to try. Check them out for yourself! Use the link below and get 15% off your order.

Finding the Best E-Liquid for 2020! -Top Brands & Flavors Reviewed

EPuffer E-Liquid Review

Finding the Best E-Liquid for 2020! -Top Brands & Flavors ReviewedI was first introduced to EPuffer quite by accident while visiting a friend in Montreal. I was up for a rather extended stay and I had completely run out of e-liquid.

The last time I was up, my friend was also vaping so I figured he would have some on hand if I needed. Unfortunately for me,  he had given it up and only had about 10 ml of year old juice.

I jumped online to order some and was very disappointed at the fact that none of my suppliers would guarantee shipments to Canada.

My friend informed me about some pretty wonky laws regarding e-liquid. Evidently, any that contain nicotine would be seized by customs.

I’m really not sure why that is (I guess it really isn’t my business either), but my friend gave me his favorite supplier’s website from his vaping days and confidently told me I’d have a fresh supply of juice in 2-3 days.

I’m writing these words because not only did I have my order in my hands 2 days later, but it was some of the best liquid I have used. Certainly on par with any others you see listed on this page.

EPuffer offers 0, 6 and 12 mg/ml of nicotine and quite a nice selection of flavors including some great tobacco mixes. Since I was in Canada anyway, I tried the Canadian Tobacco blend and was blown away by how much it tasted like fresh tobacco. Almost too much so for me after all these years of vaping.

My favorite EPuffer juice by far though is the Blackcurrant Cassis. It’s sweet but light and gives a very nice throat hit too, even at the lower nicotine level of 0.6 mg/ml.

I keep talking about their ability to ship to Canada because so few do, but EPuffer is a global company and they have offices around the world so they can get some tasty e-juice in your hands too regardless of where you are.

EPuffer not only makes some pretty awesome e-liquid, but they are a pleasure to work with as well. Check them out!

Visit EPuffer's website to check out their awesome e-liquid!

Volcano E-Liquid Review

Finding the Best E-Liquid for 2020! -Top Brands & Flavors Reviewed -VOLCANO Fine Electronic Cigarettes and E-liquids -Full ReviewWhen it comes to e-liquids variety is second only to quality. Volcano takes care of both with style.

There are almost 50 different flavors to choose from! Anything you can imagine;  tobaccos, menthols, candies, beverages and even desserts. I have no idea how they come up with half of this stuff but I haven’t been let down yet.

They offer a wide range of nicotine strengths as well (0, 08, 16 and 24 mg/ml).  With most of the other brands, I have to buy a 12 and an 18 mg/ml and mix them together to arrive at about 15 or 16 mg/ml of nicotine, but with Volcano, I can just order the 16. It makes it a little more convenient.

I have yet to try every flavor they make but I am about half way through and I can say that thus far, they are all good.

Some suit my palate more than others, but between my wife and I we enjoyed every one. Without question among the top e-liquid brands I have ever tried.

Finding the Best E-Liquid for 2020! -Top Brands & Flavors Reviewed -Volcano Cigs E-Liquid

Alfaliquid Review

Finding the Best E-Liquid for 2020! -Top Brands & Flavors Reviewed -AlfaLiquid ReviewI recently encountered a brand of e-liquid that I hadn’t had the pleasure of sampling before and it’s quickly becoming one of my new favorites!

Alfaliquid is a high quality e-liquid made in France which, from my understanding, dominates the French e-liquid market. I’m starting to see why!

I started with their Noble Leaf which is one of the tastiest tobacco blends I have ever vaped. It combines the rich tobacco aroma with a hint of popcorn and caramel.

It’s a 50/50 VG/PG blend that I’m really enjoying, especially after meals. The 50/50 mix really is the best of both worlds offering a nice throat hit, good flavor carriage and thick vapor production.

I went through that first bottle in a mere two days and when I went back for more, I picked up some Milk Berry and some Carnival. Wow, for anyone into fruity flavors, the Carnival is a mouth-freshening, lip-smacking good vape.

It combines banana, pineapple, pear and apple with Tutti Frutti desert. I like it because it has a natural fruit flavor as opposed to the candied fruits many liquids seem to focus on.

It’s a great morning and day vape for me when I’m looking for something a little less heavy than tobacco. Kinda gives me an energized and fresh feeling all day. Definitely one to try for you fruit lovers!

Lastly, the Milk Berry is a blend of strawberries and cream/milk which is a nice, light, fruity desert. It has a sweetness to it that I really enjoyed because it wasn’t overpowering and was light enough for large lung inhales.

I think for myself, I’ll stick with the Carnival and the Noble Leaf, but if you are a fan of strawberries and cream/milk, this is another one I’d recommend trying for yourself!

Finding the Best E-Liquid for 2020! -Top Brands & Flavors Reviewed -AlfaLiquid Review

They offer a full range of nicotine concentrations from 0-16 mg/ml as well as a host of other flavors I haven’t mentioned here. Alfaliquid also offers complete transparency in their ingredients and they guarantee no potentially harmful chemicals like Diacetyl, Acetyl, Formaldehyde, etc.

I really like the transparency and I sincerely hope we see more e-juice manufacturers following in Alfaliquid’s footsteps! Check them out for yourself!

Finding the Best E-Liquid for 2020! -Top Brands & Flavors Reviewed -AlfaLiquid Review


In Conclusion

The e-liquid reviews above are based on my own personal experience and I have featured only my personal favorite e-liquids thus far.

What about you? Have a personal favorite? Which is the best e-liquid you have tried? Feel free to comment or make suggestions in the comment section below, I’m always looking for new flavors to try!




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4 thoughts on “E-Liquid Reviews

  1. I am new to this vapor thing, I would like to quit smoking. I started with a small, I don’t even know what to call it, Kanger T3D, as was recommended by the guy at the shop I went to. I am a “light smoker” Marlboro lights less than 1/2 pack per day. The guy at the shop told me to stay away from tobacco “flavors” b/c it would make me want to smoke real cigarettes more….what’s your opinion??

    • Hey Chris,
      Congratulations on making the switch! Sorry for the delay in responding I was taking a little summer break. Personally, when I first made the switch I preferred the tobacco flavors because tobacco was what I was craving. As I continued I found started moving away from the tobacco blends and started developing a taste for some other flavors. Trust your own instincts though, if you think you’d enjoy tobacco flavor by all means go with you gut (especially in the beginning). You may find like did that you no longer crave tobacco after a few weeks and then you can start experimenting with some more exotic flavors. Hope that helps! Happy vaping!

  2. I’m fairly new to vaping having been a Marlboro Menthol FF smoker for years at about 1 pack per day and n on bad days 1.5. I’ve really been hitting dead ends in Menthol liquids thus far. It as if ,most I’ve tried anyway, is definitely more of a peppermint taste NOT Menthol and I haaattteee peppermint. I don’t enjoy the taste of it and I especially dislike the sour aftertaste it leaves. any recommendations out there guys? anyone else have this problem? if someone could possibly point me in the direction of a true Menthol or sever different true Menthols not only would I be grateful so would my body, lungs, health in general haha. Thanks guys

    • Hey Kelli,

      I completely understand your dilemma! Finding authentic flavors to match certain already established preferences can be a challenge! I had a hard time in the beginning matching the flavors I wanted. I did find good tobacco blends, but menthol was tougher and I found the same thing: they have a peppermint taste for the most part.

      One I really did enjoy though is the Menthol ICE by Halo. There is also the Sub-Zero which I also enjoyed although I feel the Menthol ICE was the most authentically menthol.

      Hope that helps!

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