E-Cigs in Canada

Best Electronic Cigarette -Canada Where to buy the best e-cigs and vaping devices in Canada

So much has changed in the last few years with regards to vaping, both on the technological side as well as the legislative one. Canada has adopted new regulations regarding nicotine, it’s not something that can be imported by individuals now, regardless of the form.

For devices that don’t include e-liquid, like egos and mods, importing into Canada isn’t an issue.

Unfortunately for beginners looking to start with a cigalike with nicotine, finding a good one can be tricky as most vape shops don’t carry them and the gas-station varieties are really quite sub-par.



Best Electronic Cigarette in Canada: EPuffer Review

EPuffer is a great option because although the are a worldwide vape manufacturer and retailer, they have warehouses in many countries around the world including Canada.

This means that devices, e-liquid, etc. are all shipped directly without first having to pass through customs as most American or Chinese manufacturers would.

Best Electronic Cigarette in Canada: EPuffer ReviewAs mentioned, if you are buying a device without e-liquid or even e-liquid with 0% nicotine, customs will allow it, but anything with nicotine will be immediately rejected by customs.

The way vaping technology has advanced, for many that isn’t a big issue as you can easily buy a device from the USA/China, etc. online and then buy your e-liquid locally.

For those who are just starting their vaping journey though and looking to replace a traditional cigarette with a cigalike with a heavy nicotine content, it gets much tougher to find in vape shops and ordering online from the US is almost a guaranteed loss these days.

For newer vapers and would be vapers who are still smoking, check out E-Puffer. It had been several years since I had used a cigalike when they asked me to review their starter kits and although I wasn’t too enthused about cigalikes at the time for me personally anymore, I was blown away at not only the flavor range, but the increased power and vapor to what I remember. I wish the technology had come this far when I was first quitting smoking!

Best Electronic Cigarette in Canada: EPuffer Review

Although to me Halo remains king in the cigalike category, if you are in Canada, definitely check out EPuffer, they really are very close and they have quite a wide range of nicotine and flavor options too.


Best Electronic Cigarette in Canada: EPuffer Review




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