Best Disposable E-Cigarettes

Best Disposable Electronic Cigarette -Full Brand Reviews

This page is designed to help new electronic cigarette users or vapers find the best disposable e-cigs available.

The brands reviewed on this page are the best disposables I have been able to find among dozens I have tried.

On this page you’ll find:

I can assure you, the brands listed on this page are all leagues apart from the ones you can buy in gas stations or convenience stores. They don’t even compare.

If you are looking for just the occasional vape or if you are someone looking to try an electronic cigarette for the first time, especially if you’re not sure if you’ll enjoy it, the best place to start is with a disposable.

Each one of the brands listed on this page will give you a good idea of what vaping feels like and if it’s something you think you’d like to continue doing.

Best Disposable Electronic Cigarette -Top Brands ReviewedYou can try out a few different flavors and even a few different brands without a big investment.

If you haven’t already, please read the section on selecting the right nicotine strength for you.

To anyone who is new to the world of electronic cigarettes, I would recommend trying a few different disposable e-cigs.

It’s a great way to sample a variety of flavors and brands before you necessarily commit to just one.

They are usually about half the price of regular cigarettes, measured by the number of “drags” or “puffs”.  They are also the easiest to use, you just open the pack and vape away.

As mentioned earlier, I have tried dozens of different disposables, some were great while others were quite sub-par.

I have listed my personal favorites below.  Don’t take my word for it though, try them out and see which one is right for you!

Cigavette Disposable E-Cig Review

Check out Cigavette's Disposable E-Cig Series! Cigavette was one of the first really good disposables that I ever tried. It was still in my early days of not smoking and I was still very addicted to nicotine and still badly craving smoke.

I was blown away with my first puff by both how much the tobacco flavor tasted like a cigarette, and how hard the nicotine hit the back of my throat in the most satisfying way.

They only come in 12 and 18 mg/ml, for myself, even in the early days, 18 mg/ml was more than enough. If you smoke less than a pack a day, the 12 should be perfect.

If you smoke more than a pack then go for the 18.  They come in both the tobacco flavor as well as menthol.

I always hated menthol cigarettes personally, but for some reason I really enjoy menthol e-cigs. Cigavette’s menthol is light and cool, almost refreshing, but it still packs the nicotine throat hit quite nicely.

I found both their disposables to be quite good. Each one is good for about 500 puffs, which easily replaces 2-3 packs of regular cigarettes.

Check out Cigavette's Disposable E-Cig Series!

Cigavette Disposable Electronic Cigarette

Vapor4Life Disposable Vape Review

Check out Vapor4Lifes Disposable Vape Section!

I have been a fan of Vapor4Life since I tried their Vapor Zeus about 3 years ago now.

Ever since then, I have always kept an eye on their website for any new updates and introductions.

Best Disposable Vapor Cigarettes Tested and Reviewed. The Vapor4Life Disposable Vape ReviewI have been pleased to see many new varieties of vape mods and kits on their site, but I was really curious when I saw they recently introduced a new disposable e-cig to their line-up.

As usual, Vapor4Life’s customer service and shipping were awesome and I had all 5 new flavors in my hand within 2 days of placing the order.

To say I’m impressed would be an understatement. The Vapor4Life disposables are really, really good.

Not only do they offer some great flavors, but the nicotine is strong and quite satisfying.

They only come in one nicotine strength of 3.6% (36 mg/ml) which is more than strong enough to satisfy even the heaviest smoker.

There are 5 great flavors to choose from including Tobacco, Peppermint, Menthol, Watermelon and even Coffee.

Best Disposable Vapor Cigarettes Tested and Reviewed. The Vapor4Life Disposable Vape ReviewThe Tobacco flavor is remarkably good and authentic, it really does feel like smoking a strong cigarette. It actually made me cough the first time I drew on it.

The throat hit is quite strong and will definitely help with those first few days of “nic-fits”. The other flavors are just as good with each one blended with the same rich tobacco flavor.

Best Disposable Vapor Cigarettes Tested and Reviewed. The Vapor4Life Disposable Vape ReviewThe one I was looking forward to trying the most was the Watermelon as I enjoy most Watermelon e-liquids and even recently started brewing my own blend.

I was blown away at how well the watermelon flavor mixed with the tobacco to create what feels like smoking a deliciously flavored cigarette.

I’m personally not a huge fan of Coffee based e-liquid flavors normally, but I didn’t mind the Coffee flavor from Vapor4Life because the strong tobacco notes really help balance it out nicely.

The Menthol is very good too and the Peppermint has a very nice refreshing coolness with the same strong throat hit.

I’ve noticed recently that some manufacturers are increasing the nicotine in their disposables which makes sense as generally, the only people using disposables are smokers looking to make the switch to vaping.

Check out Vapor4Lifes Disposable Vape Section!

The extra-strong nicotine throat hit is what is really needed in the beginning to get off the cigarettes, and make the switch to vaping as painless as possible. Take a closer look for yourself using the link below!

Check out Vapor4Lifes Disposable Vape Section!

White Cloud -Fling Wide Disposable E-Cig Review

White Cloud Fling Disposable E-Cig/Vaporizer Review. Helping You Find The Best Electronic Cigarettes to Help You Quit SmokingWhite Cloud’s Fling Wide disposable series is completely unique and quite impressive.

The Fling Wide, and Fling Wide Mini feature a slightly different design and shape from most other disposable e-cig types out there.

The oval shape is quite comfortable in the hand, and the tapered, soft tipped mouthpiece is as comfortable as a traditional cigarette on the lips.

I really like the soft tip, it feels much more natural as you’re puffing on it than the hard plastic tips most “cigalike” type model have.

Since they are a little bigger than the traditional “cigalike” style, there is a lot more room for e-liquid and extra battery power.

The Fling Wide holds 3 ml of e-liquid and features a 700 mAh battery. Each one lasts from a couple of days to over a week depending on how heavily you are using it.

Best Disposable Vapes Reviewed. The Fling by White Cloud Electronic CigarettesWhite Cloud offers the widest selection of nicotine strength of any other disposable that I’m aware of, all the way from 0%-5.4% nic/vol.

That’s 0-54 mg/ml of nicotine so they definitely have you covered regardless of how much you smoke.

The also offer quite a nice selection of flavors from sweet and fruity to smoky tobacco.

I’ve been enjoying the Cavendish which is a slightly sweet pipe tobacco. It’s especially nice in the evenings. Their regular tobacco is also very nice and mixes a rich tobacco with a slight hint of caramel.

White Cloud also offers the more traditional cigalike style too, simply known as the Fling Original.

Like the Fling Wide series, the original offers the same range of nicotine and the same great flavors but in the more traditional cigarette style as seen below next to a Fling Wide Mini.

White Cloud Fling Disposable E-Cig/Vaporizer Review. Helping You Find The Best Electronic Cigarettes to Help You Quit Smoking

I much prefer the Fling Wide series with the soft tips personally, but the Originals are very good too.

BEst Disposable E-Liquid Vaporizers Reviewed. The Fling Wide by White Cloud Electronic CigarettesSometimes, when you first put down the tobacco cigarettes, the same feel in the hand can be appeasing for the first few days. I do find the vapor much thicker on the Fling Wide though and it makes for slightly more satisfying and flavorful hits.

Whether it be the Wide or Original, they definitely do a great job of satisfying those nicotine cravings and are so much better tasting than smoking tobacco.

I wish I had options like these when I fist quit smoking! It would have made that first week so much easier! You can take a closer look for yourself using the link below.

Check out the Fling Disposable Electronic Cigarette Series from White Cloud!

E-Puffer Electronic Cigarettes

Best Electronic Cigarettes: Disposables -E-Puffer ReviewAnother great e-cig manufacturer particularly for cigalikes and disposables although they are also advancing rapidly into mods and such as well, is E-Puffer.

Unlike most manufacturers, E-Puffer offers a wide range of disposable flavors and options including a new ECO line which is remarkably good.

The new E-Puffer ECO is the latest generation disposable electronic cigarette, which according to them, defines an entirely new category of electronic smoking devices. I can say they are among the best disposables I have tried.

Best Electronic Cigarettes: Disposables -E-Puffer ReviewThe ECO line is the first disposable made entirely with environmentally friendly, food grade materials.

Each one uses E-Puffer’s exclusive True Nicotine Content, featuring Soft Filter, “Direct Flow™” technology for smoother draws, richer flavor and greater vapor density.

The nice thing about E-Puffer is that they are a global company with locations around the world so shipping is never an issue and there are never borders and customs to worry about as they always ship from within the country itself. (Canada, UK, etc.)

They offer the option of 0, 6 and 12 mg/ml of nicotine in their disposables. 12 mg/ml would be equivalent to a medium-strong traditional cigarette. Each one delivers the same amount of puffs as about 30 regular cigarettes.

They are very good especially considering they are only the disposables. They offer a wide variety of flavors, some of which I reviewed in the e-liquid review section and will give you a good idea of what vaping is all about if you haven’t tried it yet.

They are most definitely the most vapor-producing disposable I have ever tried! Check them out for yourself!

E-Puffer E-Cigs

In Conclusion

My reviews of the best disposable electronic cigarettes are the best among the dozens I have tried. Regardless of which one you choose, they’ll give you a good feel for what an electronic cigarette feels like and if it’s something you will want to continue with.

More importantly, they will give you a good idea if it is something that will actually help you to quit smoking.



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