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This section was designed to highlight some of the best non-rebuildable sub-ohm tanks available so far for 2018. Use this page to help you find the sub-ohm tank that is best suited to your needs and vaping style.

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Sub-ohm vaping is relatively new (at least as far as the main stream is concerned), but it has caught-on quite rapidly in the last few years.

The term “sub-ohm” in regard to vaping applies to all atomizers with a resistance under 1 ohm. Sub-ohm vaping is tailored mainly to direct-to-lung style vaping (DTL or DL).

Direct-to-lung vaping is quite different than smoking. With DTL devices and atomizers, vapers inhale large amounts of vapor directly into their lungs.

With traditional cigarettes and mouth-to-lung style atomizers, the smoke/vapor is first drawn into the mouth and only inhaled once the draw is complete.

That’s why most vapers generally start with mouth-to-lung vaporizers at first. The feeling is closer to smoking which is quite appeasing, especially in the early days of quitting.

If you are someone who is new to vaping, still smoking, or someone who enjoys the mouth-to-lung style of vaping, this may not be the best section for you.

You may want to check out the above-ohm section which highlights the best tanks currently available for mouth-to-lung style vaping (MTL), here.

Why Sub-Ohm?

Best Sub-Ohm Tanks: Found and ReviewedI don’t know about you, but I’ve been vaping for about 9 years now.

I can tell you that I was as excited about my first e-cig kit as I am now about the latest mods, but I can also tell you they are worlds apart.

Most of us who have been vaping this long have all followed pretty much the same progression.

Most of us started with the cigalikes, which at the time seemed miraculous. From there we moved into variable voltage with the Ego Twists and Vision Spinners.

Best Sub-Ohm Tanks: Found, Tested and ReviewedNext we got into variable wattage with devices like the Innokin iTaste MVP (seen on left), which went all the way up to a full 11 watts!

From there, we slowly but surely kept increasing our wattage output.

Finally when there was really no more room in terms of adding more power, we started decreasing the resistance of the coils we were using.

This allowed for much more power to flow through the coil and in turn increase vapor and flavor production quite dramatically.

As we further reduced the resistances on our coils, so too the draw resistance was decreased and we began to take huge draws directly into our lungs (DTL).

I personally find DTL style vaping to be far more enjoyable and satisfying than mouth-to-lung simply because with more vapor, comes more flavor and a stronger nicotine hit.

Many newer sub-ohm vapers find they can cut the nicotine in their e-liquid by half just because each hit is so much more potent with sub-ohm atomizers.

Sub-ohm vaping really is fantastic, I just love it and at this point. I have a hard time imagining going back up to above-ohm resistances (other than when I’m out and discretion is required).

In the early days, sub-ohm vaping used to really only appeal to more experienced vapers who were at least somewhat electronically minded and it wasn’t even really recommended to newer vapers. Due to technological advancements in recent years, that is no longer the case.

A lot has changed in the last couple of years and it’s now something that even newer vapers can enjoy without a lot of hassle as long as a few simple guidelines are followed, outlined here.

So let’s dive right in, shall we? Here are some of the best sub-ohm tank and atomizer kits available (so far) for 2018.

The Falcon Tank by HorizonTech

Best Sub-Ohm Tanks: The Horizon Falcon Sub-Ohm Tank ReviewThe Falcon Tank is (in my opinion) one of the best flavor producing non-rebuildable sub-ohm tanks on the market right now.

At first glance, it resembles many newer sub-ohm tanks. It’s a beefy yet elegant 25.2 mm diameter, features top-fill design and ample bottom adjustable airflow.

The tank holds a full 5 ml of e-liquid and stands just 55 mm in height. The Falcon comes in 6 different colors, each with matching resin drip tips (color options shown below).

Where the Falcon Tank really shines is in the unique coil-head construction. There are 4 unique coil designs to choose from.

The F Series features 3 unique coil designs, they are each 0.2 ohm coils.

The F1 coil features a 30% wood pulp and 70% organic cotton wicking material. It wicks juice amazingly well and delivers rich, full flavor with every draw.

Best Sub-Ohm Tanks: The Horizon Falcon Sub-Ohm Tank ReviewThe F2 coil uses flax fiber wicking, and delivers equally rich flavor. The F3 coil actually uses a combination of flax paper and flax fiber.

HorizonTech even makes a mesh coil for the Falcon Tank (M1) which registers between 0.12 to 0.18 ohms.

The M1 coil uses 30% wood pulp with 70% organic cotton.

From my personal use, the coils seem to last about 50% longer than regular organic cotton coils.

I found the F3 coil with the flax paper to last almost twice as long as regular cotton coils.

Personally, my favorite coil for flavor is the F1 with the F2 being a very close second. I find I get slightly more saturation and more dense vapor with the F1. I’ve never experienced flavor as good from any other factory made coil in all my days of vaping.

The mesh is also quite good, and I get quite saturated hits, although I find the flavor to be slightly better with the F1 coil.

The airflow is quite smooth even when restricted while being more than ample for full lung hits when fully open.

The Falcon holds an impressive 5 ml of e-liquid and uses the most common 510 thread connection, so it will fit on pretty much any device.

My personal favorite is the blue, but there are 6 colors to choose from (shown below). I love the way the resin drip tips match, especially the swirled ones.

Without question, The Falcon Tank is one of my all time favorite flavor producing sub-ohm tanks, and one I heartily recommend to any and all flavor chasers out there. Take a closer look for yourself!

Best Sub-Ohm Tanks: The Horizon Falcon Sub-Ohm Tank Review


Halo JAG6 Tank Review

Best Sub-Ohm Tanks for Direct-to-Lung Vaping Reviewed: Halo JAG6 Tank ReviewThe new JAG6 Tank from Halo Cigs is pretty impressive, and definitely one of the best new tanks to come out this year.

Halo has always been a big part of my personal vaping journey.

It was the G6 cigalike that actually helped me get off the smokes for good. For that, I will always be grateful.

I am as impressed with the JAG6 Tank as I was with the G6 kit all those years ago.

The flavor I get from their ceramic cover coils is incredible and they last a very long time.

The JAG6 Tank is a 4 ml, top-fill tank with top airflow and a dual-chamber chimney. The tank is 25 mm in diameter and stands 65 mm in height.

The top airflow does a fantastic job preventing leaks and allows the air to travel through the double walled chamber before going up through the chimney.

The combination of the double walled chamber with the ceramic cover coils is fantastic for both flavor and vapor production.

There are 2 Kanthal wire coils to choose from, 0.25 and 0.5 ohms. The flavor I get from the 0.25 ohm coil is incredible and it can fog up a room pretty quickly with just a few draws.

The 0.5 ohm coil is a little more discreet as far as vapor production but only slightly so, and the flavor is quite good too. Both coils produce very crisp flavor.

Best Sub-Ohm Tanks for Direct-to-Lung Vaping Reviewed: Halo JAG6 Tank ReviewThe coil design is rather unique with the JAG6 Tank. The ceramic is used as a cover over a thin layer of organic cotton between the ceramic and the Kanthal coil.

I have seen other tanks where ceramic was used as a wicking material, but never where it’s been used as a cover.

Used in conjunction with organic cotton, it does a great job wicking quickly and allows for chain vaping for an extended period with no fear of burning cotton or a dry hit. It’s a great coil design.

I’m pretty impressed with the performance not only the coils, but the tank as a whole.

The top airflow allows for vaping on the go leak free and the dual-wall chamber and ceramic coils work together to produce some really excellent tasting vapor.

Another tank I thoroughly recommend, especially to any flavor chasers out there. Take a closer look for yourself here.

Best Sub-Ohm Tanks for Direct-to-Lung Vaping Reviewed: Halo JAG6 Tank Review


Sense Heracles 3 Tank Review

Best Sub-Ohm Tanks: The Sense Heracles 3 Sub-Ohm Tank ReviewThe Heracles 3 is the newest addition to the beloved Sense Heracles family.

The Heracles 3 is the best of the series so far, and features a large 4.5 ml capacity tank, convenient flip-open top fill and a few great coil options to choose from.

The Heracles 3 uses the V-Jet family of coils, so if you already own the V-Jet tank, the coils will be compatible.

Best Sub-Ohm Tanks: The Sense Heracles 3 Sub-Ohm Tank ReviewThey are available in 0.2 ohm Stainless Steel, or 0.4 and 0.6 ohm in Kanthal.

They are all vertically aligned coils and each one uses organic cotton as wicking material.

The Heracles 3 is a 24 mm diameter tank that stands 62.8 mm in height including the Delrin drip-tip. The airflow is smooth and more than adequate for large lung hits, even when partially closed.

Best Sub-Ohm Tanks: The Sense Heracles 3 Sub-Ohm Tank ReviewThe airflow hits the coil via triple bottom slots which are fully adjustable using the bottom control ring.

I really like the textured ridges on the airflow control ring and the twist-open top-cap, it really makes getting a grip on it much easier than the smooth finish on many of my other tanks.

The flip-open top fill design is super convenient and a huge plus for this tank.

Just a quarter turn of the top cap, and the tanks opens up to allow for easy filling on the go. Once full, flip the lid back down and then with another quarter turn it locks reassuringly back into place.

Best Sub-Ohm Tanks: The Sense Heracles 3 Sub-Ohm Tank Review

I’ve never had a single leak with this tank, even if I left it alone for a couple of days. Other than a slight gurgle which was cleared after a few puffs, no leaking whatsoever.

The flavor is fantastic with the Heracles 3 coils. They are basic in design, but deliver remarkably clean and pure flavor with all my favorite juices.

I love both the blue and silver versions, but the tank is available in 4 colors including a rainbow version (shown below).

All in all, another great sub-ohm tank from Sense and definitely a solid choice for both flavor and cloud production.

I’ve been using the 0.2 ohm SS coil recently on temperature control and the flavor is beyond fantastic. Take a closer look for yourself, here.

Best Sub-Ohm Tanks: The Sense Heracles 3 Sub-Ohm Tank Review


Aspire Athos Tank System Review


Best Vape Mods: Tanks -The Aspire Athos ReviewI have long been a fan of Aspire. Ever since my first ego style vape, I have really enjoyed all of their tank systems.

The Nautilus was one of my all time favorites and is still one of the most popular above-ohm tank setups on the market.

They followed up beautifully with the Atlantis and then the Cleito.

The new Athos tank outdoes them all, and in my opinion, is by far the best sub-ohm tank on the market right now.

There are two versions of the Athos available, the regular and the mini version.

The standard version which is the one I’m using, hold 4 mls of e-liquid and the mini holds 2mls. They are both a convenient top-fill design and both use the same coils.

The Aspire Athos Review -Coils Close-UpBoth versions of the Athos tank are 25 mm in diameter, The 4 ml version is 58 mm tall, while the mini version stands 51mm.

There are two coil resistances to choose from, 0.3 ohm and 0.16 ohms. They are both great flavor and heavy cloud producing atomizers.

Aspire Athos Review The 0.3 ohm coil is made up of three coils, while the 0.16 ohm coil uses 5 coils and produces some of the tastiest and most dense vapor I have ever experienced in a factory made coil.

The way the tank is designed with the coils openly visible as you look down the chimney is reminiscent of an RDA (Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer).

There is no narrowed chimney for condensation to accumulate on and end up on your tongue or throat like with many tanks.

Aspire Athos Tank Mod ReviewAs a result, the flavor and vapor production with both coils is very much like a good dripper without the hassle of having to wrap, install and wick your own.

The Athos features 3 fully adjustable airflow slots which are more than ample at 3 by 10 millimeters.

The airflow is more than adequate regardless of your vaping style. With the airflow almost completely closed, I’ve even been able to take small mouth to lung inhales when I’m out and need to be slightly more discreet.

Aspire Athos Tank Mod ReviewThe box comes with one of each coil option so you get to try both before you choose your favorite.

They also include a longer black Delrin mouthpiece, some spare parts like o-rings and a replacement Pyrex glass tube.

There are a few colors to choose from also including a black, silver and even rainbow version (shown below).

Without a doubt, the Athos has become my favorite non-rebuildable tank. It’s so good and such a pleasure to vape on, I’ve started considering putting my tools and wire away and just buying coils for it.

Although I do enjoy building my own coils, there are times when I get tired of the hassle, especially when time is limited.

Unless you’re very good at making and wicking coils, it’s very hard to beat the flavor and vapor production with this new design and coil setup. It really is as good as a good dripper or rebuildable tank and a heck of a lot easier to use.

Aspire has also introduced a starter kit which uses the Athos as the tank along with the new Speeder mod.

Aspire Athos Tank Mod Review

Whether you are a newer vaper or have been vaping for years, it’s a great option that will please even the most avid cloud and flavor chasers. Take a close look for yourself here!


SMOK TFV8 Big Baby Beast Tank Review

Best Sub-Ohm Tanks: The TFV8 Big Baby Beast Sub-Ohm Tank ReviewThe TFV Series by SMOK Tech has been one of the most popular tank series of all time.

The TFV 8 “Big Baby Beast” is still in my daily rotation after almost a year using it.

The Big Baby is a fantastic, cloud blowing, sub-ohm tank that allows for use with either the factory-made coils or, using the awesome new “Velocity-style” 2 post deck, you can build your own instead!

The coil options for the TFV8 are quite vast, ranging in resistances from  0.12-0.2 ohms.

Best Sub-Ohm Tanks: The TFV8 Big Baby Beast Sub-Ohm Tank ReviewI’ve been wrapping my coils for a few years now and, especially in the beginning, there is nothing as easy to build on as the Velocity style, 2 post deck design (as seen on right). I wish they were available when I first started building!

I did try both pre-made coils that come in the box, one is a 0.15 ohm quad coil, the other is a 0.2 ohm six coil array (shown below).

They both deliver remarkably crisp flavor and tons of thick vapor.

Best Sub-Ohm Tanks: The TFV8 Big Baby Beast Sub-Ohm Tank ReviewThe flavor is slightly different with the factory-made coils because they are vertically installed instead of horizontally like they are on the RBA section.

I actually enjoy going back and forth between them depending on my mood and the day I have planned.

The 0.2 ohm six (triple-dual) coil shown on the left is my favorite factory-made coil so far. The flavor it produces is quite remarkable.

The TFV8 Big Baby is slightly wider than the earlier versions at 24.5 millimeters in diameter. It’s 56 millimeters in height, holds a full 5 milliliters of juice and features a convenient top fill design.

The airflow has been opened up quite a bit over the TFV4 too which is really nice, especially for those really low resistance coils as it helps to keep the vapor plentiful and yet still quite cool.

The TFV8 is strictly a direct-to-lung style sub-ohm tank. It’s a flavor-chaser’s dream tank but wouldn’t necessarily be recommended for mouth-to-lung only vapers because there is no above-ohm coil option with this one.

If you are someone who is considering getting into rebuilding but don’t necessarily want to commit to a full RTA/RDA right away, the Big Baby is a great choice.

It’ll give you the opportunity to experiment on the easiest deck to build on while offering some great pre-made options coil to vape on in the meantime. You can take a closer look at it for yourself here.

Best Sub-Ohm Tanks: The TFV8 Big Baby Beast Sub-Ohm Tank Review


KangerTech’s Subtank Series

Kanger Subtank ReviewKangerTech somehow always seems to be just one step ahead of the curve.

By now they are well established and are quite well known in the e-cig world for their innovation and superior hardware that is not only user friendly, but more importantly build to last.

Their Protank Series was far and away the best tank/atomizer system on the market for several years. I used a Protank pretty much exclusively for about a year myself. It was great and still works today.

I did eventually move on to the Nautilus but I got a lot of great vaping days from that little Protank Mini which was my favorite at the time because it was the closest in diameter to my old ego twist battery…feels like a while ago now.

I was so excited when I first heard about the new Subtank Series and I could hardly wait to get one. I chose the Mini which holds about 4.5 ml of liquid, but they also make the Nano which holds 3 ml or the Subtank Plus which holds a massive 7 ml of e-liquid. Regardless of which size you choose they are all identical in terms of performance and they all use the same coils/atomizers.

Best Vaping Tanks for 2018 Reviewed! The Kanger Subtank ReviewI’ve been using my Subtank Mini for a couple of months now and I still can hardly believe how well it performs in terms of delivering loads of pure tasting flavor and bigger vapor clouds than I’ve seen with any other tank to date, even the Nautilus. I’d even say the vapor clouds are on par with a good sub-ohm dripper.

The new Subtank Series is another great example of Kanger’s innovative thinking and it is completely unique. It’s the only tank on the market right now that allows you to use the new revolutionary sub-ohm OCC (Organic Cotton Coils), or you can build your atomizer head own using the coil and other parts included in the kit.

The sub-ohm coils are wound into a square shape which is said to extend their life, allow for more heat and increase flavor and vapor production. I can say based on my experience they have certainly done something right. I’ve been using the same atomizer head now for the last two months and it’s still giving me lots of excellent, great tasting vapor. I usually need to change most other coils every 2 to 3 weeks.

Best Vaping Tanks for 2018 Reviewed! The Kanger Subtank Review

For anyone looking for more from their vaping experience, or to take it to the next level, take a closer look. If you are looking for the performance of an RDA (Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer) in a more convenient tank set-up which is ready to use right out of the box, this one may be for you.

Also, if you are someone who would like to start building your own atomizer heads, this is an excellent way to get started. Everything you need comes right in the box and the coil is already wound for you.

Check it out for yourself here. You can also check out the Subtank Nano here.


Aspire Atlantis 2.0 Tank

Best Vaping Mods Reviewed: Best Tanks for 2018 Tested and Reviewed. The Aspire Atlantis 2.0 ReviewAnother great choice in tanks this year, is the newest version of the Atlantis tank from Aspire. The new Atlantis 2.0 is a very nice upgrade to the original, and is primarily designed as a sub-ohm tank although this new version accepts coils as high as 1 ohm.

I’ve been using mine with the 0.5 ohm coils for the most part and the flavors come through clear and robust. Lots and lots of vapor production too.

For those who are looking for more from their current vape with bigger clouds and more flavor, the Atlantis is a great choice.

The main upgrade to the version 2 is the increased airflow by adding a second set of adjustable air holes at the top of the tank. The increased air flow potential really opens up the possibilities with this tank especially for the direct to lung style of vaping.

The new Atlantis will accept coils as low as 0.3 ohms and as I mentioned, as high as 1 ohm. For those who are still mainly mouth to lung vapers, I would suggest sticking to the 0.5 or 1 ohm coils and for the huge mouth to lung hits, go for the 0.3 ohm version.

The starter kit includes a 0.3 installed and a 0.5 replacement in the box so you can try both right away and get a feel for which one you prefer.

Best Vaping Mods Reviewed: Best Tanks for 2018 Tested and Reviewed. The Aspire Atlantis 2.0 ReviewThe Atlantis uses the standard 510 thread connection but won’t work on ego type batteries though, and requires an advanced box mod type battery or APV, like the ones listed on this page (you’ll want something that goes at least as high as 40-50 watts).

The only thing I don’t like as much with the Atlantis is that is only holds about 3 mls of liquid at a time. For days away from the house, I do need to carry a bottle of liquid with me because it goes through a lot of liquid.

For me, that isn’t a huge deal because I usually do anyway. Since I use mine usually between 22 and 25 watts on the 0.5 ohm coil, I find I go through about 6-8 mls of e-liquid everyday with this tank, so I’m filling it at least twice a day.

Other than that, there really isn’t a negative word I can say about this tank. I love the adjustable air flow and how well everything fits together. It works very much like a good RTA (Rebuildable Tank Atomizer), but with the ease of using it right out of the box.

Best Vaping Mods Reviewed: Best Tanks for 2018 Tested and Reviewed. The Aspire Atlantis 2.0 Review

They are available now at most vape shops, or you can you can take a closer look here.



This page was designed to highlight only the best of the best sub-ohm tanks currently on the market in an effort to help newer vapers and “sub-ohmers” avoid confusion with the thousands of sub-ohm tanks currently available.

As such, this page, as most others on this site is a continual work in progress as newer hardware in released and replaces what “the best” is considered today.

I will be adding to this page as well as removing tanks that have had their positions usurped by newer models.

I am continuously amazed and how quickly vaping technology has advanced. Just when I start to think we’ve peaked as far as how great vaping can be, newer innovations prove me wrong every time.

I hope you enjoy my reviews and if you didn’t find what you were looking for, check back in a few weeks as new tanks are being released on a daily basis.

Once again, thanks for stopping by and feel free to use the comment section to let us know what your favorite sub-ohm tank is!

Happy vaping!