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Best Vape Mods Tested and Reviewed: Best Tanks and Batteries -Reviews of all the best new vaping mods for 2017!

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This section was created for more advanced e-cig users (vapers) who are looking to take the next step in their vaping journey. If you are someone who is looking for more out of your electronic cigarette or, for something new entirely like an APV (Advanced Personal Vaporizer) or vape mod, you’ve come to the right place.

This page features reviews of the best vape mods and “mod style” vaping kits for 2017. Use this section to find the vaping mod/APV/box mod etc. that suits you best.

For many of us who make the switch from being full time smokers to full time vapers,vaping becomes like our little hobby and for some like myself, it almost goes as far as being an obsession. It’s almost a running joke among my close friends how we always try to hide how much we spend on this stuff. For me, it’s great fun and is still much less expensive (in so many ways) than smoking would be.

Best E-Cig and Vape Mods: Best Tanks and Batteries for 2017 -Reviews of all the top new vaping mods for 2017!I spent over $3000.00 every year on tobacco (close to $60,000.00 in my lifetime). I have never even come close to spending $1000.00 per year on vaping accessories, mods and such, but somehow spending $10.00 at a time on a pack of smokes feels like less psychologically than dropping a few hundred dollars all at once on a single mod. Weird I know, but that’s how it goes…

So if you’re reading this page, you are probably like myself and have some experience vaping. Hopefully you’ve now quit smoking altogether and you are looking to explore other possibilities in an effort to take even more control of your vaping experience than a simple variable voltage ego style e-cig can offer.

You’ve probably seen videos of modded e-cig users exhaling clouds of vapor so thick you can’t see through them. My first exposure to a good mod was at a little vape shop in Montreal where the dealer was straight inhaling huge hits and exhaling the most vapor I had ever seen. He put on a new tip for me and let me use it, and I was blown away at the difference between that and my more traditional ego style “spinner”.

Best E-Cig and Vape Mods: Best Tanks and Batteries for 2017 -Reviews of all the top new vaping mods for 2017!E-cig mods can seem overwhelming at first as it seems like there is so much to learn, so let’s start by just looking at what a “mod” is.

The word mod as you may have guessed is just a shortened version of the word modified and that’s really all it means. Initially, mods were home-made devices built by techies to extend their battery life, the size of their tanks etc.

As things progressed, variable wattage became something that was added to most modded battery setups on top of the variable voltage that was already available in many ego style batteries. Some of the newer box mods on the market now even offer temperature control!

The word mod or mods now refers pretty much to any type of electronic cigarette that steps out of the traditional cigalike or ego style into a world of it’s own and could more aptly be called an advanced personal vaporizer or APV.

Because the world of mods is so vast, and changing on a daily basis, my plan with this section is to guide you through some of the more basic mods to start you off, and let your imagination take you from there. Maybe eventually, you can create something like the ones shown below!

Best E-Cig and Vape Mods: Best Tanks and Batteries for 2017 -Reviews of all the top new vaping mods for 2017!

Let’s start out with the basics though first by looking at some of the best mod style tanks.

E-Cig Mods -Best Tanks and Atomizers for 2017

Best E-Cig Mods for 2016 -Best Tanks -The Aspire Nautilus. Full ReviewThe first step for many is the tank and atomizer. I know for myself, I was looking for a tank that could hold a lot more liquid and produce similar results in terms of vapor to what I had seen in that vape shop in Montreal. I shopped around for quite a bit, and was recommended over and over the Aspire Nautilus.

Aspire’s Nautilus Tank

Best Vaping Tanks for 2017 Reviewed! The Aspire Nautilus ReviewThere are two versions currently available of the Nautilus by Aspire. The only difference between them is the size of the tank itself. The Mini version holds 2.5 ml of e-liquid while the one I chose holds a full 5 ml!

I mention the Nautilus first here because it is a great first step for anyone looking to start making the transition into the world of mods. It is by far the best non-rebuildable atomizer/tank available on the market today and one of the easiest to use.

One thing I really like about this tank is that it is compatible with traditional ego style batteries so you don’t have to go out and get a whole new battery set up right away. The tank itself is gorgeous but that really has nothing to do with why I love it.

The clouds of vapor we discussed earlier are certainly produced effortlessly with this tank even without the variable wattage, just using a regular ego battery. I used mine like that for months before I even wanted to buy anything else.

What really makes this tank so good is the bottom dual coil atomizer. It a bottom feed atomizer, and the wick is so recessed it is virtually invisible. It is available in both 1.6 and 1.8 ohms and even with the 1.8 ohm atomizer, it produces remarkably thick, pure clouds of vapor. With the starter kit, they include one of each. The Nautilus also offers complete airflow control and allows for any draw resistance from hard to none.

Best Vaping Tanks for 2017 Reviewed! The Aspire Nautilus ReviewWith most ego style tanks, I usually use around 4.2-4.3 volts. With the Nautilus, I find 3.5-3.8 volts is more than enough to produce more vapor than I have ever seen with any other tank.

The purity of the flavor that comes through is palatable and seems to stick on your tongue and lips in a very pleasing way. It’s hard to describe but it’s like I keep smacking my lips as if I just ate something really good and smoked a really good cigarette at the same time.

The Nautilus by Aspire is a really good first step into the world of mods, because you can still use it with the traditional ego style batteries until you get a larger modded one.

It uses the most common 510 threading which is compatible with both the ego style and the more modded style batteries. As you take more steps in the world of e-cig mods and move into larger, more powerful modded type battery setups, the threading will more than likely be compatible with whatever you choose.

I got mine a few months ago online (as shown below). I have since ordered the new BVC (bottom vertical coil) atomizers and they are even slightly better than the original bottom dual coils. If you are someone that is looking to take that next vaping step, this is a great first step.

When it comes to e-cig tanks, modded tanks, rebuildable atomizers etc, etc, we could go on for hours. I have decided for the time being to limit this section to a couple of my favorites for now, simply because they offer all the power and purity some of the best rebuildable tank/atomizers do in one simple to use setup that any electronic cigarette user can use right out of the box.

The is no question about it as far as I’m concerned, The Nautilus by Aspire whether it be the mini version or the regular is one of the best fully assembled e-cig tank available on the market today for both higher end mods, and the classic ego style batteries alike.

You can check out the Aspire Nautilus at here. Enjoy!

Best Vaping Tanks for 2017 Reviewed! The Aspire Nautilus Review


KangerTech’s New Subtank Series

Kanger Subtank ReviewKangerTech somehow always seems to be just one step ahead of the curve. By now they are well established and are quite well known in the e-cig world for their innovation and superior hardware that is not only user friendly, but more importantly build to last.

Their Protank Series was far and away the best tank/atomizer system on the market for several years. I used a Protank pretty much exclusively for about a year myself. It was great and still works today.

I did eventually move on to the Nautilus but I got a lot of great vaping days from that little Protank Mini which was my favorite at the time because it was the closest in diameter to my old ego twist battery…feels like a while ago now.

I was so excited when I first heard about the new Subtank Series and I could hardly wait to get one. I chose the Mini which holds about 4.5 ml of liquid, but they also make the Nano which holds 3 ml or the Subtank Plus which holds a massive 7 ml of e-liquid. Regardless of which size you choose they are all identical in terms of performance and they all use the same coils/atomizers.

Best Vaping Tanks for 2017 Reviewed! The Kanger Subtank ReviewI’ve been using my Subtank Mini for a couple of months now and I still can hardly believe how well it performs in terms of delivering loads of pure tasting flavor and bigger vapor clouds than I’ve seen with any other tank to date, even the Nautilus. I’d even say the vapor clouds are on par with a good sub-ohm dripper.

The new Subtank Series is another great example of Kanger’s innovative thinking and it is completely unique. It’s the only tank on the market right now that allows you to use the new revolutionary sub-ohm OCC (Organic Cotton Coils), or you can build your atomizer head own using the coil and other parts included in the kit.

The sub-ohm coils are wound into a square shape which is said to extend their life, allow for more heat and increase flavor and vapor production. I can say based on my experience they have certainly done something right. I’ve been using the same atomizer head now for the last two months and it’s still giving me lots of excellent, great tasting vapor. I usually need to change most other coils every 2 to 3 weeks.

Best Vaping Tanks for 2017 Reviewed! The Kanger Subtank Review

For anyone looking for more from their vaping experience, or to take it to the next level, take a closer look. If you are looking for the performance of an RDA (Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer) in a more convenient tank set-up which is ready to use right out of the box, this one may be for you.

Also, if you are someone who would like to start building your own atomizer heads, this is an excellent way to get started. Everything you need comes right in the box and the coil is already wound for you.

Check it out for yourself here. You can also check out the Subtank Nano here.


Aspire Atlantis 2.0 Tank

Best Vaping Mods Reviewed: Best Tanks for 2017 Tested and Reviewed. The Aspire Atlantis 2.0 ReviewAnother great choice in tanks this year, is the newest version of the Atlantis tank from Aspire. The new Atlantis 2.0 is a very nice upgrade to the original, and is primarily designed as a sub-ohm tank although this new version accepts coils as high as 1 ohm.

I’ve been using mine with the 0.5 ohm coils for the most part and the flavors come through clear and robust. Lots and lots of vapor production too.

For those who are looking for more from their current vape with bigger clouds and more flavor, the Atlantis is a great choice.

The main upgrade to the version 2 is the increased airflow by adding a second set of adjustable air holes at the top of the tank. The increased air flow potential really opens up the possibilities with this tank especially for the direct to lung style of vaping.

The new Atlantis will accept coils as low as 0.3 ohms and as I mentioned, as high as 1 ohm. For those who are still mainly mouth to lung vapers, I would suggest sticking to the 0.5 or 1 ohm coils and for the huge mouth to lung hits, go for the 0.3 ohm version.

The starter kit includes a 0.3 installed and a 0.5 replacement in the box so you can try both right away and get a feel for which one you prefer.

Best Vaping Mods Reviewed: Best Tanks for 2017 Tested and Reviewed. The Aspire Atlantis 2.0 ReviewThe Atlantis uses the standard 510 thread connection but won’t work on ego type batteries though, and requires an advanced box mod type battery or APV, like the ones listed on this page (you’ll want something that goes at least as high as 40-50 watts).

The only thing I don’t like as much with the Atlantis is that is only holds about 3 mls of liquid at a time. For days away from the house, I do need to carry a bottle of liquid with me because it goes through a lot of liquid.

For me, that isn’t a huge deal because I usually do anyway. Since I use mine usually between 22 and 25 watts on the 0.5 ohm coil, I find I go through about 6-8 mls of e-liquid everyday with this tank, so I’m filling it at least twice a day.

Other than that, there really isn’t a negative word I can say about this tank. I love the adjustable air flow and how well everything fits together. It works very much like a good RTA (Rebuildable Tank Atomizer), but with the ease of using it right out of the box.

Best Vaping Mods Reviewed: Best Tanks for 2017 Tested and Reviewed. The Aspire Atlantis 2.0 Review

They are available now at most vape shops, or you can you can take a closer look here.


SMOKtech TFV4 Mini

Best Vaping Tanks for 2017 Reviewed. The TFV4 by SMOKtech ReviewThe TFV4 Mini by SMOKtech is quickly becoming one of my main go-to tanks when I’m out of the house and on the go. It’s an attractive, compact tank with an easy to access, virtually leak-proof top-fill design that gives me awesome flavor even with the factory-made coils.

The TFV4 Mini is a very versatile tank, offering quite a wide range of vaping style options. You can choose one of the many options in factory coils from the 0.2 ohm triple coil to the unique 6 coil design or even the nickle coils for temperature control.

Although I would consider the TFV4 to be primarily a sub-ohm tank, they also make a good 1.5 ohm mouth to lung style coil for newer vapers and/or those who prefer mouth to lung hits with that slightly cooler vapor.

For myself, I am enjoying the included RBA (Rebuildable Atomizer) section most of all. When I first got it, I used the installed clapton wire and the flavor was so good I bought a roll of it and have been vaping on that ever since!

Best Vaping Tanks for 2017 Reviewed. The TFV4 by SMOKtech ReviewFor those who aren’t really into rebuilding, you won’t really be missing out on too much because they offer clapton and fused clapton wire in the pre-made coils which is what makes the flavor so good. It’s just a lot more surface area for your juice to vaporize on which increases vapor and flavor quite a bit.

Airflow options on the TFV4 are also fantastic. You have 4 fully adjustable airflow holes on the bottom feeding air right onto the coils and secondary airflow control in the included drip tip.

Adjusting the top airflow to just slightly open cools the vapor rather nicely. With the top airflow completely open you can really take some huge lung hits.

All in all it’s an awesome new tank that’ll have you covered regardless of your vaping style and where you are on your vaping journey. For newer vapers it offers a lot of room to grow into. Check it out for yourself at Vapor4Life!

Best Vaping Tanks for 2017 Reviewed. The TFV4 by SMOKtech Review


TFV8 “The Big Baby Beast” 

Best Vape Mods Reviewed: Best Tanks for 2017 Found, Tested and Reviewed. The TFV8 "Baby Beast" by SMOKtech, Complete ReviewThe folks over at SMOK have really been outdoing themselves lately with some awesome new releases and upgrades!

I’ve been using this new TFV8 for a few weeks now with their latest box mod: the Alien 220 TC which is quite impressive as well (I’ll be adding a review of that later on).

I have decided to leave the TFV4 on here though because I still recommend it and I still use it pretty much daily. I love the performance, the convenient top fill design and the option of buying ready-made coils or, wrapping my own (all of which has been incorporated into the TFV8).

I am also adding the new “Baby Beast” (TFV8) here because it’s a really nice upgrade, particularly for anyone who thinks they might enjoy getting into rebuilding.

The TFV8 is another fantastic, cloud blowing, sub-ohm tank that allows for use with either the factory-made coils (which are available in a full range of coil styles ranging from 0.12-0.2 ohms) or, using the awesome new “Velocity-style” 2 post deck, you can build your own instead!

Best Vape Mods Reviewed: Best Tanks for 2017 Found, Tested and Reviewed. The TFV8 "Baby Beast" by SMOKtech, Complete ReviewI’ve been wrapping my coils for a few years now and, especially in the beginning, there is nothing as easy to build on as the Velocity style, 2 post deck design (as seen on right). I wish they were available when I first started building!

I mainly used the RBA section in my TFV4 as well, but nothing compares to the ease of building as well as the massive flavor and vapor-production as the dual-coil velocity style deck with some good clapton wire. Yum.

I did try both pre-made coils that come in the box, one is a 0.15 ohm quad coil, the other is a 0.2 ohm six coil array (shown below). They both deliver remarkably crisp flavor and tons of thick vapor.

Best Vape Mods Reviewed: Best Tanks for 2017 Found, Tested and Reviewed. The TFV8 "Baby Beast" by SMOKtech, Complete ReviewThe flavor is slightly different with the factory-made coils because they are vertically installed instead of horizontally like they are on the RBA section.

I actually enjoy going back and forth between them depending on my mood and the day I have planned. The 0.2 ohm six (triple-dual) coil shown on the left is my favorite factory-made coil so far. The flavor it produces is remarkable!

The TFV8 is slightly wider than the earlier versions at 24.5 millimeters in diameter. It’s 56 millimeters in height and holds a full 5 milliliters of juice.

The airflow has been opened up quite a bit over the TFV4 too which is really nice, especially for those really low builds as it helps to keep the vapor plentiful and still quite cool.

The TFV8 is strictly a direct-to-lung inhale, sub-ohm tank. It’s a flavor-chaser’s dream tank but wouldn’t necessarily be recommended for mouth-to-lung only vapers because there is no above-ohm coil option with this one.

If you are someone who is considering getting into rebuilding but don’t necessarily want to commit to a full RTA/RDA right away, the TFV8 is an awesome choice.

It’ll give you the opportunity to experiment on the easiest deck to build on while offering some great pre-made options coil to vape on in the meantime. You can take a look at it for yourself here. Enjoy!Best Vape Mods Reviewed: Best Tanks for 2017 Found, Tested and Reviewed. The TFV8 "Baby Beast" by SMOKtech, Complete Review

Let’s move on now and take a look at some great modded and “mod style” batteries and battery setups shall we?


E-Cig Mods -Best Batteries for 2017

iStick 50W by Eleaf

Best Vaping Batteries for 2017 Reviewed. The iStick Series ReviewJust a few months ago Eleaf introduced their first version of the iStick which was the 20W. It quickly became one of the most popular battery mods on the market and was raved about on sites like Twitter and Reddit. In fact, it was reading a post on Reddit that first convinced me to try it.

It wasn’t long before I agreed it was by far the best, most compact, well designed and longest lasting mod battery around.

I still use it but I have now begun to favor their latest introduction which really is a supercharged version of the original iStick.

The new iStick 50W features the same basic design as the original, it stands just over 3 inches in height and is under 2 inches wide and it is less than 1 inch in thickness.

It fits comfortably in the palm of your hand and any pocket or purse. It’s a very attractive looking little battery and comes in a wide variety of colors just like it’s predecessor the 20W.

Best Vaping Batteries for 2017 Reviewed. The iStick Series ReviewThe iStick will allow for sub-ohm atomizers going as low as 0.2 ohms, offers variable voltage from 2-10 volts and gives you the ability to vary your wattage output from 5-50W.

It’s an absolute beast in terms in terms of charge holding capacity as well, offering a full 4400 mAh which lasts me easily 1-2 full days of use, and I’m still a pretty heavy user.

It also accepts the most common 510 threading so you can use almost any tank or atomizer set-up. I really enjoyed using the original 20W and I must say, Eleaf has improved upon an already solid product with this new introduction.

It’s a nice looking, easy to use battery mod that puts out way more power than you’d expect just looking at it.

It’s a solid choice whether it’s your first battery mod or an upgrade and will have you smiling with satisfaction in no time. I’m using mine with my new Kanger Subtank and together they are fantastic. You can see it for yourself here.

*Eleaf has recently added a 100 watt version of the iStick, which I will be reviewing shortly but in the interim, you can see it here. Enjoy!

Best Vaping Batteries for 2017 Reviewed. The iStick Series Review


VaporFi VOX TC Box Mod

Best Vape Box Mods for 2017 Tested and Reviewed. -The VaporFi VOX TC 50 Watt Box Mod ReviewThe new VOX 50 Watt TC Box Mod is one of the newest and most welcome additions by one of the most well known and longest standing e-cig manufacturers in the US.

VaporFi has added to an already impressive collection of ego style and modded type vaping devices with one of their newest high powered box mods that now also features temperature control!

The VOX TC is fantastic not just in terms of performance, but also in the countless security and protection features built in to it. It offers a nice range of wattages, from 5 to 50 watts and the voltage output is equally impressive delivering between 1 to 7.5 volts.

The new Vox TC will also allow for a full range of temperature control (max temperature of the coil) from 200-600 degrees fahrenheit.

Temperature control is still relatively new but it really helps, particularly in RTAs, in preventing dry or burned hits. Vaping in temperature control mode is much more regulated and you end up using a lot less e-liquid.

For those of you like myself who feel like they are practically drinking it sometimes, temperature control is a big money saver in juice. Vaping strictly in temperature control mode cuts my e-liquid cost almost in half.

Another really nice thing about the VOX TC is that it will actually find the ideal voltage output depending on your coil resistance and your desired wattage output making it an ideal choice for rebuildables (RBAs, RTAs). It works like a dream with my sub ohm coils, and will read resistances as low as 0.05 ohms, or as high as a full 2.5 ohms in standard Kanthal or Nickel wire.

I love the feel and look of this mod, not only is it really nice to look at, it fits comfortably in my hand but has enough weight to it to feel substantial. It’s an awesome little mod with many of the same safety features as the original VOX 50 and some nice upgrades too.

I have both the 50 watt and the 100 watt TC box mods from VaporFi and I have to say as far as how it feels in my hand, I actually prefer this one. It just fits better and feels more ergonomic to me.

Best Vaping Box Mods for 2017 Tested and Reviewed. -The VaporFi VOX TC 50 Watt Box Mod ReviewThe safety and protection features are fantastic and it really has you covered on all ends.

It has the usual reverse battery protection, short-circuit protection, auto ohms meter, short circuit protection and features one of the most advanced chips in the industry which always finds the ideal voltage for your coil and selected output.

It has an easy to read 3 digit OLED display, pass through charging and a well vented battery case.

The VOX TC uses the most common 510 threading so you can use it with most tanks on the market.

The positive pin is fully adjustable and spring loaded allowing for just about any tank, dripper or clone to make a solid connection.

More importantly than anything else to me is how well it works and how long it lasts between charges.

The Vox TC has performed equally well for me in both wattage and TC modes. In wattage mode there is more than enough power to provide huge clouds and great tasting vapor with pretty much anything I use it with.

In temperature control mode I have all the same power but can also tailor the vapor to the exact temperature I like it which is great and allows for differing moods, flavors and days. An all around great vape every time.

Of course, if you are using the Vox TC in temperature control mode, make sure you are using a nickel wire in your atomizer and ensure that you never use a nickel atomizer in straight wattage mode!

Personally, I’m really starting to love TC vaping. I find like my vapor around 380-420 fahrenheit which is a little cooler than I usually get with Kanthal in wattage mode and it’s nice because it’s a little easier on my throat. It’s just a little bit more pleasurable and somehow the hits just seem so much more saturated in TC mode.

For safety, as I always do with all my TC mods, I did a dry cotton test before I used it and it passed no problem. I went as high as 410 and the cotton remained completely white when I was done. No burning or discoloration at all.

The power is more than adequate for even the most enthusiastic “cloud chasers”. For myself, I am usually fine with 25-30 watts and even on my hardest days I never had much need to go over 40 even with a 1 ohm atomizer but, I’ll admit, it is always nice knowing it’s there if I do need it.

With the high capacity IMR 18650 battery included, it’s usually lasting me between 1 and 2 full days on a single charge and I still vape the equivalent of about a pack of traditional cigarettes per day. There is an onboard charger for it as well in case you don’t have a separate charger and they do include the cable for it too.

It is a little on the pricey side compared to some of the others on this page, but the durability, temperature control and extra safety features including overheat protection make it absolutely worthwhile.

If you are someone who is looking for more out of your vape and are looking to do it in style and peace of mind, take a closer look. Particularly for those who love to build and like to have the ability to control the maximum coil temperature, the VOX TC is a solid choice.

Best Vape Box Mods for 2017 Tested and Reviewed. -The VaporFi VOX TC 50 Watt Box Mod Review

There is no question about the fact that it was made for the enthusiast and based on durability, style, safety and performance, for those who are serious about vaping, it certainly is a winner.


Innokin iTaste MVP 3.0 Pro

Best Box Mods for 2017 Reviewed: Innokin iTaste MVP 3.0 Pro Review & Specs. I have long been a fan of Innokin, and I used their original MVP almost exclusively for over a year. In fact, it was the original MVP which was my first foray into box mods and away from the traditional ego style batteries I was so fond of at the time.

The new 3.0 Pro is very similar in look and feel to the two that came before it but there are some pretty noticeable differences and upgrades as well.

If you are familiar with the original MVP or 2.0, you’ll remember how the firing button was on the face of the unit which wasn’t bad at all, but where they moved it to is a little nicer and in a more natural feeling position on the side of the unit opposite the tank side (as seen on left).

I must say, It just feels a little better and in a slightly more comfortable position (especially if you have small hands).

Like Innokins previous models, the new MVP Pro accepts the standard 510 connection and even comes with an attachment allowing you to use ego style clearomizers if you are so inclined. It will fire with coil resistances as low as 0.2 ohms or as high as 3 ohms so it’ll have you covered regardless of your current vaping style.

Best Box Mods for 2017 Reviewed: Innokin iTaste MVP 3.0 Pro Review & Specs.The big benefit for me with the original was the long lasting battery life, and the 3.0 Pro is even better.The new model comes with a whopping 4500 mAh battery capacity already installed and will last me as long as three or four days depending on my usage.

The new MVP 3 Pro packs a bit more punch too than it’s predecessors, and allows for usage of up to 9 volts and output as high as 60 watts.

Since it is an all in one battery mod, you can also use it while charging using the micro USB connection, and for those inclined, you can also use it to charge other devices like a cell phone or tablet…and lose all that vapor? Who does that???

I love the MVP series, and one thing I can say about all of them is that they are built not only to deliver consistent results, but also to last.

I have dropped and manhandled mine more times than I can remember. Nothing seems to phase it and it just keeps right on firing. Even the screen still works perfectly.

I have to say, Innokin has done it again, and the MVP 3.0 Pro certainly is a winner in my book particularly for someone making their first moves in the world of mods and APVs. For me, the MVP series, especially this new Pro is in my top five favorite box mods of all time.

As with most of the items on this page, you can find it at most vape shops or, you can check it out here.

Best Box Mods for 2017 Reviewed: Innokin iTaste MVP 3.0 Pro Review & Specs.


Reuleaux RX 200 by Wismec and JayBo

Best Vaping Mod Batteries for 2017 Tested and Reviewed. The Reuleaux RX 200 by Wismec and Jaybo Review & SpecsAnother fantastic new introduction this year is the new Reuleaux series by Wismec and JayBo. There are two versions of the Reuleaux series available. They are both identical in design, but use different micro-chips internally.

I’ve had the opportunity of testing both the DNA 200 and the RX 200 but I am only adding the RX version to this page because not only is it so much easier to use and just as reliable, but it’s also about a third the price of the DNA 200 version.

The Reuleaux series uses three 18650 batteries running in series, which enables it to reach the full 200 watts for about 90% or so of the life of your batteries.

Best Vaping Mod Batteries for 2017 Tested and Reviewed. The Reuleaux RX 200 by Wismec and Jaybo Review & SpecsPersonally, 200 watts is more than enough for me, I usually use/build coils at around 0.5 ohms so I rarely need to go over 50 watts, but a recent firmware upgrade for the RX now allows for an output of up to 250 watts!

For those who like super low builds of around 0.1 ohms, this is definitely a mod to take a closer look at. As far as I’m aware, this is the highest output regulated mod on the market right now.

I started using stainless steel 316 for my coils recently which gives me much better flavor than Kanthal, even in regular wattage mode, but SS 316 with temperature control is a dream and I’m only using about half the juice I normally would in straight wattage mode.

The flavor I’m getting with the stainless steel in TC mode is without compare, it is so much more enjoyable than anything else I have ever used. For anyone as enthusiastic about vaping as I am, it’s definitely something you’ll need to experience for yourself.

The RX 200 will fire with coils as low as 0.05 ohms in TC mode and as low as 0.1 ohms in wattage mode. You will need to buy 3 18650 batteries for it and it is recommended to use batteries with at least a 30 Amp rating particularly is you like those super low builds.

The safety features on the RX 200 have you covered regardless of you vaping style as well. It offers reverse battery protection, short circuit protection and even imbalance discharge protection to ensure your batteries wear evenly and will last.

Best Vaping Mod Batteries for 2017 Tested and Reviewed. The Reuleaux RX 200 by Wismec and Jaybo Review & Specs

You can charge the batteries using the internal charger, although it is usually recommended to use an external “smart” charger. I have tested the internal charger though and it works fine, charging all my batteries evenly without any issues at all. Even leaving it plugged in overnight, it never overheated or overcharged my batteries.

I do prefer using an external charger and swapping out the batteries when they die, but for those who only use one set, the internal charger will be more than adequate.

For those looking for the most power available in a long lasting setup this is one to take a closer look at. Although the DNA version seems to be the most highly sought after, when you take into account the ease of use, firmware upgrades and price, the winner in my opinion is the RX version, hands down. You can take a closer look at it here

For those who wish, you can it to compare the DNA 200 version here.

Best Vaping Mod Batteries for 2017 Tested and Reviewed. The Reuleaux RX 200 by Wismec and Jaybo Review & Specs


SMOK Alien 220 Watt TC Box Mod

Best Vape Mods Reviewed: Box Mods/Battery Mods. SMOK Alien 200 ReviewI have been using this new Alien 220 Mod by SMOK for a few weeks now with the TFV8, TFV4 and several of my rebuildables. It performs equally well with each in both wattage and temperature control modes.

Due to it’s ergonomically designed function, it’s quite a comfortable mod to use all day long in a variety of situations.

The thing I’m enjoying most about it (aside from the actual function of the device) is the way the firing button is designed as almost the whole of one side of the unit (shown below).

It’s just a great mod to use when you are busy driving or working and just need to reach for something, without taking your eyes off what you’re doing, for a quick puff in a hurry.

Best Vape Mods Reviewed: Box Mods/Battery Mods. SMOK Alien 200 Review

The way it’s been designed, you can just pick it up and squeeze anywhere along the side and activate your coil. Not that the other mods’ firing buttons are so hard to find but this one is the best I’ve used yet as far as comfort in the hand while vaping.

The Alien 220, as the name suggests, is capable of delivering up to 220 watts of power as well as being fully functional in temperature control mode with Nickle, Titanium or Stainless Steel.

Best Vape Mods Reviewed: Box Mods/Battery Mods. SMOK Alien 200 ReviewIt’s a nice size in the hand at 84 mm in height, 44 mm wide and just 30 mm thick. It uses the most common 510 thread connection so it compatible with virtually any tank on the market. The resistance range in variable wattage mode is from 0.1-3 ohms and in temperature control it’s from 0.06-3 ohms.

The Alien 220 uses 2 18650 batteries which aren’t included but if you don’t yet have a charger, you can use the on-board charger to charge your batteries using the micro USB charger which they do include.

Best Vape Mods Reviewed: Box Mods/Battery Mods. SMOK Alien 200 ReviewThe screen is quite a nice size, it’s bright and easy to read and quite informative. On top of the usual wattage, voltage and resistance display, it also shows the current being used in amps as well as a puff counter.

Overall, it’s a great mod suitable regardless of where you are on this vaping journey. If you are still a newer vaper, it will work very nicely with above-ohm tanks like the Aspire Nautilus and give you room to grow. You might even enjoy the full starter kit which includes tank, batteries, charger, e-liquid, etc.

If you’ve been vaping a while and are into building your own coils, it’s fantastic too. It helps take some of the risk out of the way not only with the display details, but also the safety mechanisms included like atomizer short protection, low atomizer lock-out, etc.

All in all, it’s a great option for new vapers and veterans alike. I’m loving it with this TFV8 Baby Beast! You can check it out for yourself here.

Best Vape Mods Reviewed: Box Mods/Battery Mods. SMOK Alien 200 Review


E-Cig Mods -Best Kits for 2017

As with many things, what started out as technically minded people simply modifying their set-ups to create their own mods, manufacturers have jumped on the bandwagon and some have come up with some pretty nice mod-type e-cig kits.

Although in general, I would recommend choosing your battery and tank separately, there are a couple that do stand out and are worth mentioning here. Let’s start with the new VaporFi Kit.

VaporFi VOX TC 50 Watt Box Mod Starter Kit

Best Vape Mod Kits for 2017 Reviewed. Vaporfi TC 50 Watt Box Mod Full Kit ReviewVaporFi’s VOX TC is an awesome starter kit made with the true vaping aficionado in mind.

This kit truly offers you the ability to tailor your vaping experience to your exact preferences.

The new VOX TC is a nice update to the original VOX 50 which was one of my favorite kits and came with a rebuildable dripper.

This newer version now offers you the upgraded VOX 50 Watt TC battery mod which now features a cutting edge temperature control chip that offers a full range of max coil temperatures from 200-600 degrees fahrenheit as well as the choice of three unique tank styles to pair it with.

The VOX TC will satisfy any vaping style from beginner to advanced and gives you the option of using either a ready-made VaporFi tank system or, as I did, build your own using the components provided.

The battery in this kit is the VOX TC 50 Watt Box Mod, an awesome, long lasting, high powered, durable box mod. If you haven’t already, you can read more on the specs of the battery portion of the kit above.

The battery alone make this kit a winner in my book. Combine it with one of their equally impressive tanks or the vBit RDA and it’s vaping heaven.

The atomizer choices for this kit are fantastic and will have you covered regardless of how you like to vape. They give you the option to choose between the Volt Hybrid tank, the vSix temperature control compatible tank or the vBit RDA.

Best Vape Mods for 2017 Tested and Reviewed. The VOX II Kit Volt Tank OptionMy favorite remains the vBit, but the other options are great too. The Volt Hybrid tank is very similar in design and function to the Subtank Series from Kanger allowing you to use the uniquely manufactured organic cotton coils or, use the RTA deck and build your own!

I have used both the Subtank and the Volt and as far as the rebuildable section is concerned, the Volt is actually better than the Subtank, particularly for those thicker, higher VG liquids because the juice channels are almost twice as wide on the Volt and it just feeds into the deck and cotton so much easier. I have not had a single dry hit on the Volt, even with my max VG e-liquid.

Best Vape Mod Kits for 2017 Reviewed. Vaporfi TC 50 Watt Box Mod Full Kit ReviewThe vSix tank is another new introduction from VaporFi this year and just as impressive as the Volt. For those who are interested in using the temperature control function and don’t want to wrap your own coils, this is the tank to choose.

As you can see by the photo to the left, it’s completely encased in a metal wrap so it’s also a great option if you need something rugged.

Not only can you use regular coils of either 0.25 or 0.5 ohms for wattage mode, but you can also use the temperature control feature with the 0.25 ohm NI200 (nickel) coils.

Best Vape Mod Kits for 2017 Reviewed. Vaporfi TC 50 Watt Box Mod Full Kit ReviewFor myself, my favorite option is still the vBit RDA. I can’t even express in words the flavor I get and the thickness of the vapor produced.

Of course, being strictly a rebuildable atomizer, it isn’t recommended for the beginners unless you have at least some working electrical knowledge.

It is fairly simple to do, you basically need to create your own coils (single or dual) and attach them to the base (deck) using the screws provided.

I am working on a tutorial video right now, but in the interim, there are lots of YouTube videos with thorough explanations. In fact that’s how I learned how to do it myself.

For those who are mechanically minded and are looking for the biggest clouds with the purest flavor profiles, this is the option to consider. I know for myself, when I was first introduced to RBAs (Rebuildable Atomizers) I really had no interest.

My thought process was: “Why would I want to build my own when I can just buy fully assembled tank/atomizer combinations?” The reason has become more evident and I have come to understand the motivation behind them.

The RBAs give you the ability to vaporizer a lot more e-liquid per draw based on the fact that you create your own coil with the resistance you prefer and the wicking material of your choice (I use the Japanese organic cotton).

The cotton absorbs more liquid than most included wicks and draws more liquid into the coil which produces more vapor, tons more flavor and a much, much stronger throat hit.

The vBit is a “dripping atomizer” which means there is no tank per se, you simply drop a few drops of e-liquid right onto the atomizer itself and then a few onto your wick. There is a small reservoir to hold a little extra juice as you can see in the image below, but it’s called dripping because you have to keep refreshing your cotton and reservoir.

Best Vape Mod Kits for 2017 Reviewed. Vaporfi TC 50 Watt Box Mod Full Kit Review -vBit RDA From VaporFi Apart.

The one really nice thing about dripping is you can change flavors easily any time you get bored with the one you’re using by just changing out your wick.

Most people who start using either the rebuildable dripping atomizers (RDA) or even the rebuildable tank atomizers (RTA) usually end up requiring a much lower nicotine concentration because you just get so much more e-liquid vaporization per draw. Many people (including myself) go from 12 or 18 mg right down to 3 mg or less once they switch the the rebuildables.

The vBit RDA is fully stainless steel, is 22 mm in diameter, uses copper connectors, allows for single or dual coil installations and offers more than ample airflow.

Whichever tank you choose, it is truly an amazing and all inclusive kit. They give you everything you need right away, including the high-drain 18650 battery for the VOX TC device itself, and all the components for whichever tank option you go for.

Best Vape Mod Kits for 2017 Reviewed. Vaporfi TC 50 Watt Box Mod Full Kit Review

If you are someone looking to take even more control of your vaping experience, this kit may be the one for you. You can take a closer look at the kit itself and tank options here.


HaloCigs New Reactor Box Mod Kit

Best Vaping Mod Starter Kits for 2017 Reviewed. Halo Cigs Reactor 50 Watt Box Mod Full Kit Review

If you have read other pages on this site, you know that I’ve been quite fond of Halo ever since I tried my first starter kit almost five years ago now which was their G6 cigalike kit.

At the time, it was the best kit around as far as I was concerned. I later graduated into their Triton ego style e-cig and thoroughly enjoyed using that as well. In fact, I used the Triton almost exclusively for well over a year.

As things progressed, I moved more into mods and away from egos and Halo as they didn’t really offer anything other than the original G6 and their Triton kit.

I’m happy to announce that not only have they have made a nice technological leap forward but they have done it in the usual Halo style.

Their Reactor Box Mod kit has everything you’re going to need to get started, and is a fantastic choice for anyone moving into mods for the first time but because will also easily please even the most seasoned vapers as well.

Best Vaping Mod Starter Kits for 2017 Reviewed. Halo Cigs Reactor 50 Watt Box Mod Full Kit Review

The Reactor kit offers more than enough power, allows for usage of up to 50 watts which kicks out 5 volts of pure vapor goodness. The Reactor is a sub-ohm vape and it uses coils of 0.5 ohms.

The battery comes included built in the box mod itself which is nice too, especially if you aren’t set up yet with chargers, etc. No need to be fussing with separate batteries and chargers and it offers quite a large holding capacity of 4400 mAh which is giving me between 1.5 and 2 days on a charge.

Best Vaping Mod Starter Kits for 2017 Reviewed. Halo Cigs Reactor 50 Watt Box Mod Full Kit Review -Halo's Reactor Mod Tank Close Up The tank is fantastic as well, it holds a full 5 ml of e-juice allows for great airflow which is fully adjustable and accepts the 0.5 ohm dual organic cotton coils.

To say I’m blowing clouds on this thing would be putting it mildly, I’ve never been a huge cloud chaser myself, I’ve personally always been more of a flavor chaser and this new Reactor kit is giving all the flavor I need.

For best use, it is recommended to use a high VG e-liquid with the Reactor and I’m also happy to announce that they have come out with a new line of high VG e-juice tailored specifically to sub-ohm vaping with a minimum of 70% VG.

I’ve been vaping their Kringle’s Curse lately, which is a pretty potent peppermint and I have to say, with this kit it is coming through splendidly!

Overall, it’s a great kit for beginner and seasoned sub-ohm vapers alike and the price compared to some of the others around doesn’t hurt either.

Of course, the Reactor is only available direct from Halo themselves. Click here or the image below to have a closer look!

Best Vaping Mod Starter Kits for 2017 Reviewed. Halo Cigs Reactor 50 Watt Box Mod Full Kit Review

Halo has recently introduced another version of this kit called the Reactor Mega which you can also check out here.


SMOKtech R-Steam Mini Premium Kit

Best Vaping Mods for 2017: Found, Tested and Reviewed. The R-Steam Mini 80 Watt TC Starter Kit Review!Another great set-up this year is the new SMOKtech R-Steam Mini 80W TC Kit. It’s a nice looking, easy to use set-up that gives you all you need for both above-ohm or sub-ohm vaping.

The R-Steam Kit includes the TFV4 Mini, which is quite a versatile tank and allows for use with either the factory-made coils or using the included RBA section, you can use it as an RTA (Rebuildable Tank Atomizer) as well.

Best Vaping Mods for 2017: Found, Tested and Reviewed. The R-Steam Mini 80 Watt TC Starter Kit Review!I love the flavor I’m getting with the TFV4. It’s truly incredible. I use mainly the RBA deck but I have tested out all the factory-made coils, and they are also quite good. Definitely one of the best flavor producing tanks to come out this year!

I highly recommend it regardless of where you are on your vaping journey. The nice thing about the TFV4 is it allows you room to grow without necessarily having to replace the tank.

You can use it for mouth to lung vaping, using above ohm coils, you can use the sub-ohm coils for extra large and flavorful lung inhales or build your own for your own custom experience. It’s an all around fantastic tank.

Best Vaping Mods for 2017: Found, Tested and Reviewed. The R-Steam Mini 80 Watt TC Starter Kit Review!The battery/box mod is the R-Steam Mini 80 Watt TC. I like it because it’s so small and fits comfortably in the hand and any pocket too. The whole device is just over 3 inches in height, an inch and a half wide and less than one inch thick!

It accepts one 18650 battery which they not only include in the kit, but they also give you the option of choosing the Aspire 2500 mAh 20 Amp, the Aspire 1800 mAh 40 Amp or the LG 2500 mAh 20 Amp at no additional cost.

The nice thing about the R-Steam box mod is that it’s small enough to carry comfortably while still providing more than ample power. Considering it’s an 80 watt box mod, it’s also nice and discreet. Most of it remains hidden by my hand while in use.

The R-Steam box mod allows for adjustable wattage in 0.1 increments from 1-80 watts and is compatible with Nickle, Titanium and Stainless Steel for temperature control. I have been enjoying the Stainless Steel lately and the R-Steam handles in beautifully.

Since it uses just a single 18650, you can carry a pair of extras and easily get a full day of vaping out of it regardless of your vaping style. I’m using the Aspire 2500 mAh in mine and I get about a half day on it. I still am a relatively heavy vaper so you might have a different experience depending on your vaping habits.

You can charge your battery and upgrade the firmware using the micro USB port attached or a separate charger. Personally, I don’t recommend using the on-board chargers unless you have to and as long as you have at least 2, you’ll never have to be “vapeless” waiting for a charge.

For me, it’s becoming one of my favorites particularly when I’m out for an evening, or even just a walk and I want something discreet that doesn’t bother me when I’m not using it.

Best Vaping Mods for 2017: Found, Tested and Reviewed. The R-Steam Mini 80 Watt TC Starter Kit Review!

Whether you like straight wattage mode, temperature control, above or sub-ohm vaping, pre-built atomizers or do it yourself, the new R-Steam Mini Kit will have you more than covered. Combine the great function with the attractive, discreet design and it’s definitely one to check out! Take a look for yourself!


In Conclusion

I hope this section has helped you on your vaping journey and possibly inspired you in taking that next step if you haven’t already. I loved to smoke while I did, and I smoked for over 20 years. I have now come to love vaping even more and I never seem to grow tired of trying out new devices, e-liquids, etc.

When I speak about those who like to push the envelope, I guess I am one at this point. One thing is for sure: vaping isn’t boring!

With electronic cigarettes, vaping mods, addons and so on, we really could go on for days. I hope this section provided a nice jumping off point and was helpful in increasing your overall vaping experience and pleasure.

If you feel that you are not ready for these yet, you can always go back and review some of the best cigalike starter kits here or, see the top rated ego style e-cig brands available here.

For those who are as passionate about vaping as I am, feel free to check out my other blog where I focus completely on finding the best dry herb vaporizers.

For anything I may have missed, or any question you may have, please feel free to use the comment section below and by all means, feel free to suggest what you think are the best vape mods for 2017!

Alternatively, come find me on Twitter, Facebook or Google+.

Happy vaping!





Check out all the latest vaping mods at Vapor4Life!

32 thoughts on “Best Vape Mods, Tanks, Batteries and Accessories

  1. Great info! On my 5th day of vaping and cig. free!! Feels great, so intrigued with vaping and learning the ins and outs! Love my nautilus aspire!!!!

  2. This is a great thread that you have written. I have been using the 20 watt I stick with a nautilus mini tank. I am looking to upgrade to a cotton drip mod but there are so many out there. I vape all day long and go thru a lot of coils. I want the best cotton drip mod available.. I love the fact that you can change flavor s whenever you wwant. The nautilus mini cost me too much money on coils. So two questions first one is: what’s the best cotton drip mod out there and two: do you know of a website that sells the nautilus mini coils cheaper than $4.00 a piece. Thanks….matt

    • Hey Matt, thanks, I’m glad you enjoyed it. The setup you have is great although I know when you do vape all day, you can go through a lot of coils. Personally they last me 2-4 weeks depending how much I’m vaping. One of the best RDAs around right now is the Mutation Indulgence X V2. You will need to build it yourself of course, but it’s among the easier to build on. It has great airflow and a slightly larger drip tip that the Aspire Nautilus. You can roll your own coils, or you can even by some ready-made coils like these (they’re around 60 cents each).
      If you prefer a tank the best and most popular RTA right now is the Kayfun Lite.
      Hope that helps!

      • Hey Babs, glad you’re thinking about getting your first vape! That’s awesome! For a first timer I would recommend the Nautilus for sure. The Kayfun is a rebuildable tank atomizer, so you’d have to build it yourself. Since you’re new to vaping, I would say stick with the Nautilus because you can use it right out of the box, no building involved. I hope that helps and I really hope you enjoy it! Welcome to the #vapefam!

    • wash your nautilus coils in Hot water, make sure you get the cotton ones. Push water from back to front through the coil. Then blow through the coil until its almost dry. Hook it up to your atomizer without the tank
      just the coil sticking up and fire for very short bursts and you will hear the water sizzle. Just before you see the coil begin to glow, stop. Then prime with new juice and fill your tank, Let it wick. I have used the same Nautilus cotton coil for three months. I also do this with the Kanger Aerotank coils as well and they work just as good and wick even faster. I have not thrown a coil away in a year and a half. If you have to soak in ethanol (ever clear) NOT {methanol or isopropyl}…. Leave the coil in the water and or alcohol overnight if your need to but I never do. I switch e-juice 3-5 time daily with the same coil. No residual from former e-juice.

      I discovered this on a youtube video and tried it with some cheap juice first but it works perfect. They want you to buy coils every month for a five pack but cotton is cotton and wire is wire. I have had no problems since I watched that video and saved a ton of money. Occasionally I will burnout a coil by running out of juice or drying the coil too long and burning the cotton, but very rarely. Don’t dry the coil with the atomizer if you use alcohol it may ignite and it evaporates very quickly. just blow through it.

  3. Excellent info. Thank you! I actually bought an Aspire Nautilus tank (5ml) before I read this and I agree. It is fantastic. I also have the Innokin itaste MVP20W which I really enjoy. Cig free since March 13, 2015. Haven’t even felt tempted to go back.

  4. Hello,
    I’m new to the world of vaping (2 weeks) and I’ve fallen in LOVE…Anyway, I started out with the vision spinner (1300 battery) with the ASPIRE ET-S GLASS BOTTOM VERTICAL COIL CLEAROMIZER 1.8 OHM 3 ML (had to cut and paste this stuff cuz imma newbie).
    Your article (which is very helpful to me thank you) convinced me to purchase the aspire nautilus 5 ml tank…(it’s on the way!!) I know it will work with my vision spinner, but the battery on my spinner doesn’t seem to last that long as I like to VAPE. So, my question is will the nautilus work on the Eleaf iStick 50W Variable Voltage Battery you talked about? I am really looking for flavor and something I don’t have to continuously charge as I am vaping lots. I also don’t feel I get a lot of power from the spinner I’m usually vaping at 4.3 or max 4.8 still chasing flavor…..or do you have another battery that will be easy for me to use and that can last days without charging? Thank you.

    • Hi Keisha,
      I’m so glad to hear you made the switch! Congratulations! To answer your question, yes you can absolutely use the iStick or any other battery listed on this page with the Nautilus tank. You should easily be able to go 2-3 days between charges, I know I get at least that out of mine! Enjoy it and vape on!

    • Hey Scott! Glad you agree! You know what they say about great minds…haha 🙂 Enjoy whichever is your final choice and definitely come back, let us all know what you think!

  5. Hi Shawn, I enjoyed this article! I now have a Joy tech Delta II tank with the 50w I stick and have loved it although I’m looking for a tank that holds more liquid and makes bigger clouds. I thought about the Aspire Nautilus ate reading this article but what would you recommend? Thank you!

    • Hi Logan!

      Glad you enjoyed it! You have a pretty good setup now, I understand wanting longer time between filling though 🙂

      Personally, I love the Subtank. Although lately I’ve been favoring my Lemo a little more but it’s an RDA only. You might consider the large version which holds a full 7 ml. Nice thing about the Subtank is you can use premade coils or start making your own with the same tank.

      As Unclewinky mentioned about, the Cleito by Aspire is another option. It’s Aspire’s newest tank which I have been enjoying and have also been considering adding here. I still prefer the Subtank personally but you can check out the Cleito here.

      Hope that helps a little and definitely come back and let us know how you’re enjoying what you chose!

  6. Hi Shawn,
    I’m new to vaping, and am transitioning from the small batteries with atomizer tanks like the Aspire K1 to an Aspire Odyssey Mini Pegasus Kit With a Triton Mini tank (haven’t received it yet). Is there an adapter that allows the use of a tank like the Triton Mini with a threaded male connector to be used on a battery with a threaded male connection, and would this be a good idea?

    • Hey Lee!
      Glad you got it! We’ve all been there 🙂 I know they don’t look like they should fit together lol. Just don’t use sub-ohm (under 1 ohm) atomizers with the older ego style batteries, they weren’t made for that type of usage.

  7. Hello, I have the Halo reactor 50W battery but I really don’t like the tank they provided just because it is too big (5ml) with 0.5ohm vertical coils. I wanna use something like Atlantis Aspire 2.5ml tank and as far I read , it has 0.5ohm vertical coils as well. Can I use Atlantis Aspire with my Halo Reactor battery? and I have plenty of 0.5ohm coils came with Halo kit, do you know if those 0.50ohm vertical coils are compatible with Aspire? Thank you very much.

    • Hey Ibo,
      Yes, the Reactor battery is a sub-ohm battery which will safely fire coils as low as .4 ohms. I sometimes use it with my hand wrapped coils as well. It will work fine with the Atlantis. As far as the coils go, you would need to buy Atlantis coils unfortunately. Hope that helps!

  8. Hi Shawn,

    Well, the eLeaf 100W went kaput … the thread all of a sudden started spinning on itself and it would no longer recognise any atomisers. So, I went back to your reviews and read through them again. You Sir are my hero … oh yes!!

    I bought myself the RX200 and got an Aspire 5ml Nautilus tank and also an Aspire 5ml Atlantis Mega sub ohm tank. Well … whooooooooweeeeeee!! I got my clouds … oh yes I have … GREAT BIG WHITE BILLOWING CLOUDS …. oooohhhhhhh yes Siree!!

    I wasn’t sure whether sub ohm was for me so I got the Nautilus as well. I can’t see myself using that much … I am IN LOVE with the Atlantis … what a tank!! The crisp clean flavours of my juices, holyguacamolee … I had no idea of the taste I had been missing out on!!

    Thank you Thank you THANK YOU for your fantastic reviews. You have saved the day for me and I can’t thank you enough. I’m like a steam train … I leave a vapour trail in the empty air!! Haha!!

    Just wanted to share with you how thrilled I am with my new mod and tanks. Having been a Kanger girl for over 5 years, it was a BIG thing to lash out and try something new … I’m SO GLAD that I did. Kanger has NOTHING on Aspire!!

    Might have been some hit and miss earlier this year but now, it’s the best it’s going to get for me. All that time that I have chased those AMAZING clouds you see on youtube … now I have my own and I could not be happier.

    Thank you once again Shawn.

    Kindest regards,
    An ecstatic (bit over the top) Mishy 😀

    • Mishy!
      So glad to hear you are finally seeing the clouds you were hoping for and the added flavor too! I couldn’t be happier to hear it! Enjoy!

  9. I’m using an ego at the minute,but read through your review because I’m thinking of upgrading to a box mod,I’ve finally realised by reading this review that the burning taste I’m getting is because my coil might be knackered,although I’ve only been using it roughly about 3 weeks,is that normal,I am a heavy user though on a starter kit with an uprated adjustable battery,I thought at first maybe I was turning it up too much,the criteria I need to fill with the boxmod is better battery life,bigger tank and a much bigger flavour hit on the draw,I seem to be hammering this ego to get a decent draw,any help would be greatly appreciated.

    • He Carl,

      I used the egos for quite a while myself, it was a huge step up from the cigalikes at the time! Ya, if you’re getting a burnt taste, it might be time to replace the coil. I would expect that after 3 weeks, the coil would need to be changed depending how much you vape. Coils on average usually last for about 30 ml of e-liquid.
      Pretty much any mod you see on this page will be a nice upgrade for you, I would consider the iStick series or the new Reuleaux RX200 for power and if you are a mouth to lung vaper, check out the Aspire Nautilus. If you want big clouds and a huge lung hit, check out the Atlantis instead.

      Hope that helps!

  10. Shawn. Love ur article. Been subing about a year now. Using the Kranger 200w and the nautilus tank along with the quid 4 tank by Smok. Both work fine. Want to get into building my own RDA. Any suggestions u may have on witch one to start with would b helpful

    • Hey Dean,
      Thanks! Great question, I was actually thinking about adding a more advanced page now featuring some new and awesome RDAs and RTAs that have come out!
      I think right now the easiest RDA to build on and certainly the most popular, is the Velocity by Avid Vaper in New York. It is rather pricey though especially for an RDA at $125.00.
      There are clones available for it, and the one by Tobeco is not bad and just as easy to build on as the original. The overall machining isn’t quite as smooth but the performance is pretty much on par (I don’t have a link for this one but if I remember correctly, I got mine on E Bay).
      If you want to stick with an original but want to avoid the cost of the Velocity, there is also the Tsunami which just came out recently and features the same two post velocity style deck but with larger post holes.
      Hope that helps and let us know how it goes!

  11. I’m a couple months new to this world but my starter kit is a Kangertech Topbox Mini Platinum edition. It has 75 watts and Temperature Control but just like anything else I do, I shoot for the best and spend endless hours researching what I’m after. With that being said I’m out first a kick ass touch screen set up and see you have the Segelei T150 on your list that I was eyeballing but I’ve seen everything from great reviews to complete crap, don’t buy it reviews. I see Laisimo has one and another I saw was a Tesla Hell’s Gate….do you have any feedback for any or all of these? Just wanna be confident with my purchase to throw a TVF4 tank on that I can’t stop looking at. Thanks in advance bud

    • Hey Jason,

      Sorry for the delayed response I was away last week. I would say in your case, it really is more a matter of personal preference than anything else. That being said, I have pretty much been a huge fan of Sigelei for as long as I’ve been using their products. I haven’t really had anything to complain about with any of them. Their new 213 is pretty cool too but no touch screen.

      The Laisimo and Hell’s Gate are both 200 watt mods, so if you are looking at ultra-low builds, coils etc. they might be better suited for you. If you use/build coils of .5 ohms or more, the Sigelei would be more than enough as far as power is concerned. With the TVF4, they would all work splendidly. I would go for the Sigelei myself but in the end, it’s really up to you! Enjoy whichever you choose and come back and let us know!


  12. Hei .. plz i want your advice .. i want to buy E cig but i have no idea which one i should use .. i need very good battery i can charge it , also i want a possibility to change Caliber Can you send a name for full package plzzz

  13. Hey Shawn. Great article! Best I’ve read so far for gaining some clarity. I started vaping a few years back and i’m looking to upgrade, however the market is an absolute minefield now. I am currently running a Tecc Curve VT40 and atomizer (united kingdom). Using it at 5V(16.5 Watts) and 160 degrees for flavour with a standard 1.5ohm coil. Not doing it for me anymore. What set up can you recommend for a complete upgrade? Looking excellent battery life and a tank with big capacity, maximum flavour and with easily interchangeable coils. Don’t think I’d like building coils! Been looking at the Smok Alien but dont know if its overkill? Thanks in advance

    • Hey Carl,

      I understand how confusing the market has become, it’s incredible! You might consider the Rouleaux RX 200 along with the TFV-4. They are both fantastic and give you a lot of room to continue growing along with many different types of coils to choose from.

      The SMOK Alien is another nice kit, from what I’ve seen it usually comes with a TFV-8. Another good choice for sure. I haven’t used that particular device but I’m familiar with SMOKtech’s work and technology and I’m pretty sure you’d be pleased with either setup. I’m partial to the Rouleaux but the Alien looks good too! Let me know what you decide and how you like it!


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