Best 2 Piece Electronic Cigarettes (Cigalikes)

Best Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit (Vaping Kits) -Best Cigalike E-Cigs Tested and Reviewed.

This page was designed to help you find the best two piece or cigalike electronic cigarette vaporizer to suit your needs. We’ll also be taking a closer look at what each one offers in their starter kits.

On this page:

The two piece, or cigalike electronic cigarette is probably the easiest way to experience the pleasure of vaping next to the disposables (which I only really recommend for new or first time users to get a feel for what vaping actually feels like and to sample a few different flavors).

Best Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit -Best Cigalike E-Cigs Tested and Reviewed. Once you have tried vaping and know you’ll like it, the starter kit is the way to go.

Not only is it less expensive, but for those of us who are becoming a little greener environmentally, the battery is rechargeable so it is much less wasteful as well.

You will find dozens if not hundred of different starter kits online.  It can be overwhelming.  I remember when I started looking for my first kit, how confusing it was.

I read reviews, watched Youtube videos and if I could have afforded it, I would have ordered at least half a dozen kits right way (In the end I ordered almost 3 times that many which was the main inspiration for this site).

If you’re a beginner to the world of electronic cigarettes, I would recommend starting with the pre-filled variety simply because it’s so easy to get started. You can have great results right away without having to learn about all the components and mixtures in the ego types or refillable models.

Once you’ve gotten a handle on the whole vaping world, you may decide to branch out and start refilling blank cartridges on your own or upgrade to an ego style or even a vape mod.  In my opinion, the 2 piece cigalikes with pre-filled tips is probably the best way to start.

Below are my current top picks for best cigalike starter kit overall. You decide which one suits you best, I am quite fond of each one listed and have had great experiences with all of them. I can personally guarantee that none of them will let you down.

Cigavette Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit Review

Cigavette Cigalike Series ReviewQuick Overview

Rank: #1

Vapor Production: 9.5/10


Flavors: 9/10

Price: $

Overall: 9.5/10

Cigavette 2 Piece or Cigalike Electronic Cigarette Starter Kits

Cigavette Cigalike ReviewCigavette is another brand that I recommend for several reasons. They offer a few great starter kits that are not only a pleasure to use, they are quite satisfying and won’t cost you a fortune.

They offer a few easy options to get you started. First and easiest to use are the Premier Starter Packs.

The Premier Starter Packs have recently been upgraded and now feature a 4.2 volt battery which is more than ample for a cigalike giving clouds of very satisfying vapor.

The starter packs include everything you’ll need. Not only are two rechargeable batteries included, but they also add 5 cartomizers (cartridges), the charger and even a nice carrying case.

Cigavette is well know for their disposables and that’s how I first tried them. I was blown away at how well they satisfied my cravings for smoke.

Cigavette ReviewThey offer both menthol and tobacco flavors, the menthol is really good, almost refreshing and the tobacco is quite rich, almost nutty.

I love pulling that case out, opening it up and screwing my cigarette together instead of lighting it up.  It just feels awesome.

You have the choice between two colors, the traditional cigarette design as seen above or the ultra-discreet all black design seen on the right.

It’s a very well made, well priced, solid kit from a well know company in the electronic cigarette world. Another sound choice that won’t let you down.

Cigavette Cigalike Vaporizer ReviewFor those of you that may want something a little more powerful check out the Ultimate Series shown on the left.

They give you supercharged ego style batteries with some extra large cartridges.

It’s the best of both worlds; you get the ease and convenience of the 2 piece cigalike with all the power of an ego style battery. It truly is an awesome 2 piece electronic cigarette.

Every Cigavette cartridge is filled with pharmaceutical grade US made nicotine mixtures and are of a high quality in both taste and vapor production. Choose between 0-24 mg/ml and every step in between. Another excellent choice. Take a closer look for yourself!

Cigavette 2 Piece Cigalike Electronic Cigarette -Full ReviewTop

White Cloud ZFG Kit Review

Best Cigalike E-Cigs/Vaporizers Found, Tested and Reviewed. The ZFG Kit by White Cloud ReviewQuick Overview

Rank: #2

Vapor Production: 8.8/10

Battery: 8.9/10

Flavors: 9.1/10

Price: $$

Overall: 9.0/10

Check out the ZFG Kit at White Cloud Electronic Cigarettes!

Best Cigalike E-Cigs/Vaporizers Found, Tested and Reviewed. The ZFG Kit by White Cloud ReviewThe ZFG Kit from White Cloud is another great option to consider, especially for really heavy smokers as they offer more nicotine strength selection than any other manufacturer that I’m aware of.

The ZFG Kit is easy to use, comfortable to puff on and it produces remarkably thick satisfying vapor.

It’s designed uniquely in an oval shape instead of the traditional round and uses a magnetic connection instead of threads like most cigalikes.

The oval shape is nice and keeps it from rolling off the table and has the added benefit of more room for longer battery life and more e-liquid in each cartridge.

Best Cigalike E-Cigs/Vaporizers Found, Tested and Reviewed. The ZFG Kit by White Cloud ReviewI like the tapered soft tips which are the same as White Cloud uses on their disposable “Fling” series.

It tapers down to about the size of a traditional cigarette, and the oval shape is a nice ergonomic fit on the lips as you puff on it.

The Starter Kit (shown above) is elegantly simple and includes everything you need to get started. They include two batteries, the charger, wall adapter and two cartridges to get you going.

As I mentioned, White Cloud offers more nicotine strength options than any other cigalike manufacturer that I’m aware of.

Choose from 0 – 5.4% (0 – 54 mg/ml) of nicotine with every step in between. White Cloud also offers 9 different flavors to choose from in their replacement cartridges.

Two of White Clouds ZFG cartridges are roughly equivalent to 5 regular cigalike cartomizers or five packs of traditional cigarettes. Each one holds a full 2.5 ml of e-liquid.

I have really enjoyed the Regular Tobacco which is a rich and rather complex tobacco flavor and the Zero K which is like a cool mint with subtle fruity notes in the background. Hard to describe but definitely worth tasting for yourself.

All in all, the ZFG Kit is one that I enthusiastically recommend. Particularly for anyone wanting to break away from the traditional cigarette look and feel but still want the ease of use and overall enjoyment of a two piece cigalike type vaporizer.

Best Cigalike E-Cigs/Vaporizers Found, Tested and Reviewed. The ZFG Kit by White Cloud Review

As mentioned earlier, it’s a great option for any super heavy smokers too as they will be able to give you enough nicotine to get through those first few weeks. You can take a closer look for yourself using the link below.

Check out the ZFG Kit at White Cloud Electronic Cigarettes!


Vapor4Life -Vapor Zeus Review

Best 2 Piece, Cigalike Electronic Cigarettes: Found, Tested and Reviewed. The Vapor Zeus by Vapor4Life ReviewQuick Overview

Rank: #3

Vapor Production: 8.8/10

Battery: 9.2/10

Flavors: 8.6/10

Price: $$

Overall: 8.8/10


Vapor4Life's Vapor Zeus E-Cigar / Cigalike / 2 Piece e-cig


Best 2 Piece, Cigalike Electronic Cigarettes: Found, Tested and Reviewed. The Vapor Zeus by Vapor4Life ReviewThe Vapor Zeus by Vapor4Life is the closest thing to a cigar I have felt in a 2 piece e-cig.

They call it an e-cigar, to me, it’s almost a hybrid between the 2 piece cigalikes and the ego style e-cigs.

I received the Vapor Zeus free of charge from Vapor4Life for the purposes of writing a review.

I made it very clear right away that I would only be writing the review and adding it to these pages if I was impressed with it and enjoyed using it myself.

Although I do reviews, my goal here is to keeps things simple and uncomplicated by only including the absolute best of the best. You’ll notice on this page, I won’t even included anything I would score below at least a 9 out of 10.

They seemed pretty confident and sent it over right away. I was impressed from the start with how confident they sounded and how quickly they got it in my hands.

After speaking with them, I was pretty eager to test it out. Once it arrived, I opened up the box and filled one of their extra large cartomizers (they call them smileomizers) with some of the Wow e-liquid they included, screwed it on to on of the batteries and took a few tester puffs.

Best 2 Piece, Cigalike Electronic Cigarettes: Found, Tested and Reviewed. The Vapor Zeus by Vapor4Life Review

I was blown away right then by how much flavor it produced, the intensity of the throat hit and the huge amount of vapor!

Part of the reason why the Vapor Zeus is so good because the battery delivers a constant 5 volts of power regardless of how much charge is left on the battery.

For a cigalike e-cig, it has one of the most technologically advanced batteries available and I must say, it really packs quite a punch!

Best 2 Piece, Cigalike Electronic Cigarettes: Found, Tested and Reviewed. The Vapor Zeus by Vapor4Life ReviewI like the way their smileomizers (cartomizers) are designed too, they work very well.

I’m able to fill it with almost 2 ml of e-liquid and it is completely absorbed by the foam inside and doesn’t leak even if held upside down. I wish I could say that for most of my ego and mod style tanks!

The slogan on their website is: “Made for smokers” I would agree. If you are looking for a good strong e-cig to help you quit smoking, this is a great choice.

It is larger than the Halo or V2 Cigs 2 piece, but I find it comfortable in my hand, in fact, I kinda like it’s ample size, it just feels more substantial. The mouthpiece is also bigger than most cigalike e-cigs and it does feel closer to puffing on a cigar.

Best 2 Piece, Cigalike Electronic Cigarettes: Found, Tested and Reviewed. The Vapor Zeus by Vapor4Life Review

Vapor4Life has really done it with this one. For anyone who is still smoking and wanting to make the switch, I fully recommend it.

Vapor4Life also offers a few traditional size cigalike kits with pre-filled cartomizers which are just as good for those who prefer the traditional cigarette look and feel. Check them out for yourself!

Check out the Vapor Zeus at Vapor4Life!

Best Cigalike e-cigs reviewed -Vapor4Life's Vapor Zeus -Full ReviewTop

In Conclusion

The e-cig reviews above are based on my own personal experience with each one. The brands listed here are in my opinion among the best electronic cigarette brands currently available.

As you can see, each brand has some unique attributes and options, but they all offer the same basic thing.

Finding the best electronic cigarette is in many ways a matter of trial and error to find the one that suits you best.

Each e-cig brand listed on this page will produce a satisfying experience and any one of them will mimic a real cigarette quite well.

I’ve been asked on numerous occasions to assign ranks to them which I find so difficult because I have only highlighted my top 3 favorites or what I consider to be the very best.

Suffice it to say, for anyone looking to quit smoking, any brand list on this page would be a great start.

For many, the 2 piece or cigalike e-cigarettes are the best option in the beginning when transitioning from smoking to vaping because they most closely resemble a traditional cigarette in both look and feel.

What do you think? Based on the above reviews, which is the best option for you?



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2 thoughts on “Best 2 Piece Electronic Cigarettes (Cigalikes)

  1. I have the vapour2 e-cigarettes and I almost can’t complain. The battery life could be a bit better but considering how small the battery is and the fact that you can have more of them…it’s not that big of an issue. I like the design of those ecigs and also the flavours of the e-liquids are quite good. Some of my favourites ones are coffee, cherry and vanilla.

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