Vaporferver / About / Profile PicHello and thank you for your interest in Vaporferver, my little vaping and e-cig blog!

My name is Shawn and I started this blog to share my experience with electronic cigarettes and how I was able to use them to quit smoking.

E-cigs helped me tremendously to deal with cravings, both the physical and the psychological.

I smoked for most of my life, and for as long as I can remember, I wanted to smoke.

I don’t know if it’s because my father was a heavy smoker or if it was because my mother smoked during her pregnancy with me, but from the time I was about 4 or 5 years old, I was drawn to cigarettes.

I started smoking full time at about 12 or 13 and it didn’t take long for it to become integrated into my life.

I never even imagined or considered quitting for many years. It was only by my early thirties that I started to feel the negative effects and started thinking that I should quit.

My attempts were half-hearted at first, but I was amazed at how hard it was for me to go a couple of hours without a smoke, let alone a full day.

On the days I did go without, I felt like each minute was an hour and I was practically crawling up the walls. I tried everything to quit. The gum, the patch, the inhaler, Champix, you name it, I tried it. Nothing worked and my breathing just got worse.

I would wake up in the night and have a ten minute coughing fit just to clear my throat and go back to sleep. It was horrible and I was beginning to think (and accept) that I would just smoke until I died.

One day I was having a smoke outside a little bar I was at to watch my friend’s band when I saw a lady “smoking” an electronic device.

It glowed green at the tip when she puffed on it, but she exhaled what appeared to be smoke. Intrigued, I asked her about it and she told me it was the only thing that she had tried that was able to keep her away from smoking.

I had the intuitive feeling in that moment that this was something that just might work!

It was probably another month or two before I ordered my first kit. I was so excited and full of anticipation for it to arrive, but when it finally did, it was a piece of junk.

The flavor was horrible and hardly any vapor was produced at all. I used it for no more than a couple of hours before I was on the balcony, smoking again.

I gave up on the idea for a while, until I tried my first really good e-cig. I was amazed at how good it was and I was disappointed that I had let that first negative experience sway my judgement.

Not only did it feel like smoking a cigarette, it gave me a great little throat hit of nicotine, and after 5 or 6 puffs, lowered my craving quite substantially. I actually didn’t feel like smoking after a few puffs!

It still wasn’t easy to quit smoking completely, and I did go back and forth for a while, but it was a heck of a lot easier than any other method I have tried.

It’s been a few years now that I am completely smoke free and it feels fantastic. I can breath again, I can even run now. Life is so much better without constantly having to find an exit for a smoke. I still vape daily and I really enjoy it.

I’m down now to the lowest nicotine level available which is 3 mg/ml. I’m even now mixing in some 0 to dilute it even further. In a few more months, I may cut the nicotine out completely but I will continue vaping. For me it’s become as enjoyable as smoking used to be.

I started this blog to help smokers find a healthier alternative to smoking with electronic cigarettes without having to go through the disappointment and disillusionment I felt when I got my first one.

If you are reading these pages and you still smoke, I really do hope you try an electronic cigarette, but I hope you make it a good one, because a bad first experience might sour it in your mind like it did mine.

Use these pages to find the electronic cigarette that you think will work for you. If you stick with it, and make the switch to vapor, I can guarantee you will be breathing better, tasting better and in better overall health while still being able to enjoy your “smoke”.

For any truly avid vapers out there, who might be looking to vape other things as well, check out my other blog where I review many the top dried herb vaporizers currently on the market.

Once again, thanks for stopping by and happy vaping!

Shawn M.


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7 thoughts on “About

  1. My name is Brittany and I was hoping you could help me with a unique (probably weird) situation. I’m a nurse at a long-term care facility. I’m a non-smoker, never have been, can’t-stand-it kind of person. Having said that, I take a patient out to smoke a few times per day. I’ve gotten very close to one of my patients who is a 70-year-old woman that has smoked nearly all her life. She has MS, she’s wheelchair bound, suffered a pretty bad stroke a few years ago that caused vascular dementia, major vision problems, and seizures. That’s just to name a few of her problems – hence the reason she needs 24hr care. She is one of the few patients that my facility allows to go outside and smoke. She must be with a staff or family member to do so, and this is always an issue and headache for everyone involved, especially her. She has NO desire to quit smoking, even with my offer of medications, the patch, (and of course my enthusiastic cheerleader constant support). Smoking is all she has left that gives her enjoyment. She smokes approximately a pack a day (it would probably be more if it were up to her). Her favorite cigarettes are Winston’s, but she mostly smokes a cheaper brand called Timeless Times (I think they’re 100’s, and they’re in a red box). Anyway, so I’m looking and HOPING to find the perfect e-cigarette for her! I’m not trying to force her to quit smoking regular cigarettes, but I’m hoping she can get to the point where she really likes an e-cigarette and can have less anxiety about having to constantly wait (sometimes for much longer than she’d like) for an available volunteer to smoke her. A while back, she tried a brand called VUE. They looked like real cigarettes, and she didn’t “mind” them, but she still liked the real thing better. One of the main problems with her, is that because of her vascular dementia, poor vision, and poor coordination, she needs something very easy – meaning nothing that you have to push a button five times or whatever to get it started. So after all that, can you recommend something that she would be able to handle without difficulty, and it tastes the most like a real cigarette? I’ve heard that the liquids are stronger tasting, but I don’t think there’s a device that would be easy for her to use? Something that she won’t have to remember specific directions like holding a button down for several seconds, or pushing a button a certain amount of times. Staff could do whatever upkeep is needed, like refilling and charging. Anyway, sorry for the long message! Any help you can give would be greatly appreciated!!

    Thank you so much for your time,

    • Hey Brittany,
      Nice of you to be doing such a diligent search for her! In the case of your patient, I would recommend trying a cigarette style e-cig (cigalike). Although because you’re not sure on her enthusiasm level with vaping once she tries it, you might want to try a disposable at first.
      Since she loves smoking so much as we all did, for the most part, I would consider a disposable or kit from V2 Cigs. One of the best tobacco flavors they have is the V2 Red. I would also suggest starting with a pretty high nicotine for her of 18 mg/ml to start and then maybe lower it to 12 if she finds that strong although they only offer one strength in the disposable of 1.8%, which is 18 mg/ml so if that is too strong, you’ll have to go with a kit.
      Here’s a link to the review on the kits: https://vaporferver.com/e-cigarette-reviews/2-piece-ecig-starter-kits/#v2cigs with a link to their site and here’s the disposable one: https://vaporferver.com/e-cigarette-reviews/disposable-e-cigarettes/
      I really hope that helps and I would be interested in hearing how it turns out!

  2. This is a fantastic blog I have came across! Thank you.

    I myself quit smoking about 4 years ago with the onset of vapors. Just a standard “pen”, nothing too fancy, it only cost around £10. I came home late on evening at the weekend, dropped it and broke it and never went back to either of them.

    It was about 2/3 months ago I went back to vaping, to help with the stress due to the company that I run. It certainly helps, 0.3 nicotine. Their can be days I use it and days I use it a lot.

    I set out and purchased the top range Sigelei 213 carbon fiber model with the latest Smok tank and coils, the cloud beast TFV8. Absolutely amazing set up. The TFV8 Can go as high as 320 watts depending on what coil you use, pre-made or your own.

    I would highly recommend that you do a review on this set up and see what you think.

    Kind Regards

    • Much appreciated, glad you enjoyed it and thanks for the recommendation! Funny, I was debating adding the Segelei 213. I might just do that. As far as the TFV8, I haven’t used it yet although I’m awaiting one right now. I loved the TFV4 and I would expect this one to be even better.

      I try to keep things simple even in the mod section but I have also been considering expanding that to it’s own section complete with more advanced mods, tanks, RDAs, RTAs etc. Come back in a couple weeks, you may just find reviews on both! Congrats on making the switch btw 🙂 Vape on!


      • Thanks for replying Shaun.

        It’s such a good set up. Especially with the variable pre-heating settings.

        I have dropped it a few times in horror however the unit is solid, very well built.

        The experience I have had so far is has even made me consider the steps to start the supply of goods in the growing market.

        Let me know when you have or about to put up the Segelei and TFV8. I can imagine that it would bring plenty of traffic your way.

        Kind Regards

  3. Really a very informative review on “e-cigarettes”, -including excellent/perfect use of language!, -what I appreciate/is worth mentioning, to not already give up even reading information on “how to get rid of smoking…”. I started smoking at around 22 as a student via a girl-friend during exam. preparation,, after the exam. she quit smoking, and I had become “a smoker”, -sadly enough she died at 42 by leukemia, and I am still alive…, going to be 68, and “still smoking”! – After reading your blog, providing helpful description of the various systems, I am sure “I will make it now!”, -will order my first starter kit today, and hopefully convince my husband and our son in near future, who are both smoking, too. Still I didn’t get real health problems, -thanks to genetics, and staying active/”moving” I guess:)-, but I hate the smell in our house, and the tremendous “stupid” cleaning effort, I have to accomplish, -I wish to reduce the increasing, incredible costs for cigarettes or e.g. for the repeated paint work 🙂 Thank you very much!

    • Thanks Angy! I’m very happy to hear that! One thing is for sure: It is so nice to have clean air and wake up in the morning without a cough!
      Good luck with it and definitely come back and let us know how you are enjoying it! Hopefully your success will be all the convincing your husband and your son need… 🙂


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