Vaping Reviews and Guide to the Best Electronic Cigarettes for 2020

Helping You Find The Best Electronic Cigarettes, Advanced Personal Vaporizers, Vape Mods and Vaping Accessories

This site was designed to help you find the best electronic cigarette, advanced personal vaporizer or vape mod to suit your particular needs, style and taste to either, (a) help you quit smoking and start vaping or, (b) for those who have already made the switch, help you get the maximum benefit and enjoyment out of your e-cig, APV or vape mod.

Regardless of where you find yourself on your vaping journey, from beginner/smoker to seasoned vaper, this site will help you narrow down your choices and guide you to the best set up for your current needs.

I have been vaping now for almost nine years now and I still love it. In fact, with the advancement of vaping technologies in the last few years, I have to say, I am enjoying more and more every single year.

It seems like a long time ago now, but when I first heard about electronic cigarettes, I was really quite skeptical that they would be anywhere near a regular tobacco cigarette or that they could ever satisfy my “nic-fits” (I was a die-hard smoker).

Finding, Testing and Reviewing the Best Electronic Cigarettes, Advanced Personal Vaporizers and Vape ModsMy first exposure to e-cigs was outside a bar one evening when I was having a cigarette.

I noticed a woman puffing on an a cigarette shaped electronic device that lit up at the end every time she puffed on it.

I watched her puff, inhale and then blow what appeared to be smoke!

Intrigued, I asked her about it and she happily explained it was an electronic cigarette and she wasn’t actually blowing smoke but vapor.

She went on to explain how it worked, that it contains nicotine and that it was the only thing that ever worked to keep her off the smokes. She seemed to be beaming when she told me she had been close to a year without a single cigarette!

Even though I was doubtful that it would work for me, I was dying to try it and I couldn’t wait to order my first starter kit.

I shopped around online for a while and finally decided on a brand that I won’t even mention on this site (it was that bad). I was so disappointed that I gave up on the idea of e-cigs altogether.

It wasn’t until about six months later when I tried my friend’s Halo G6 that I realized that vaping could be good, really good.

He was using a moderately high nicotine content and I felt it right away on the back of my throat. I was blown away. I immediately came home and ordered one for myself and have been pleased with the results ever since.

I have tried several other brands and models since then, I have purchased many different kits, and I have tried more than a dozen brands of disposables (all of which still cost me less than actually smoking these past years). The results have been both pleasing and in some cases supremely disappointing.

I know the feeling of waiting for days or even weeks for a kit to arrive only to be disillusioned and disappointed with the results.

I have also found some great brands and some really awesome flavors that keep me coming back for more and enjoying every single puff.

Find the Best Electronic Cigarette to Quit Smoking in 2018 -Full reviews of all the best brands for 2018!Ever since I started vaping many people I meet are intrigued when they see me use my ecig for the first time.

I am usually met with a barrage of questions especially if it’s the first time they’ve been exposed to one. The smokers usually want to know where I got it, how much, etc.

I will do my best throughout these pages to answer the questions I am asked most regularly and direct you to the more quality brands that I myself have enjoyed using.

I will also help you decide on the type and style of electronic cigarette that best suits your particular needs and taste.

Much of it comes down to personal preference once you’ve decided on a particular style that you prefer. (I will make some recommendations)

There are the disposable ones, the cigarette style e-cigs or cigalikes as they are sometimes called, the ego style which is becoming more and more commonly seen among even newer vapers and finally, the newer modded type, or mods as they are commonly referred to.

Find the Best Electronic Cigarette to Quit Smoking in 2018 -Full reviews of all the top brands for 2018!There are pre-filled cartomizers which are disposable tips for the cigalikes and there are larger tanks that you fill yourself for the ego and modded style.

There are batteries that last for days but are a little bulky and there are cigarette style batteries that you charge daily. Some vaping batteries even come with adjustable power settings.

I have tried every type and I find that I prefer the ego and more modded styles which I refill myself while others enjoy the two piece, cigalikes that come prefilled with e-liquid from the manufacturer.

With so many options available the process of narrowing one down can seem difficult. I will explain the types and styles and then introduce some of the products that I have really enjoyed including some great e-liquids.

To make things easier, I have decided to omit the companies and brands that I found to be less than great as I don’t want to start a negative review site, but I would be more than willing to answer any questions directly.

Helping you find the best electronic cigarette, mod and vaping device to help you quit smokingOn the right side of each page you’ll find direct links to the brands I most enjoyed.

I discuss details, flavors, pros and cons throughout this site but those are great quick links to check the websites out directly for anything I may have forgotten to mention or any additional information you require.

Bookmark this page so you’ll always have a reference to come back to, I am always adding content, news and updated reviews.

If you want to have the pleasure of smoking without actually smoking anything, electronic cigarettes may be for you. Avoid disappointment, choose one of the e-cig brands reviewed on this site. Happy vaping!

So, which is the best electronic cigarette? You tell me!

Click here to begin by selecting the best type of electronic cigarette for you.

Finding, Testing and Reviewing the Best Electronic Cigarettes, Advanced Personal Vaporizers and Vape Mods

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7 thoughts on “Vaping Reviews and Guide to the Best Electronic Cigarettes for 2020

  1. Love your site! I just got my V2 EX Kit and I love it! 3 days now smoke free!!! I got the V2 Red and wow, really is like a cigarette! Anyways just wanted to let you know and say thanks!

  2. Hi, I’m trying to help my husband give up smoking and have been told that e-cigarettes are a very effective method. What is the best quality brand currently available so he can’t complain about it?

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